On The Road Again

I am elated to say that I have been cleared by the optometrist to resume driving and inverting in yoga.  I’m almost equally glad about the two!  It was a super pain in ass and annoying to not drive since I live in the sticks.  And I couldn’t participate in a huge portion of poses when teaching and taking class.

So I am back on the road.  I found that it actually tired me out to do some errands after a kick ass yoga class.  I believe it it because it was definitely the most active day I’ve had in a month.  I ended up taking a super long nap in the afternoon. Or maybe it’s just getting old!

Some pix from the lovely Vivify studio.. It was a super challenging and fun class, but I realized that I have lost a LOT of strength in the past month of having to take it super easy…..So I have my work cut out for myself. The good things is that while I start to do my work search, I will have some time to get on my mat, hopefully on a daily basis!


It was CRAZY to see my depth perception tests from one month ago and two days ago.  Black means you can’t detect anything in that field.  Doc was really encouraged that my vision had improved as much as it had in a month.  Optic neuritis typically takes a long time to resolve, and the extent to which it does can be limited.  My fast recovery is a good indicator that I won’t have much permanent damage. My left eye vision is still pretty blurry.  Electronics screens are really difficult to read.  So I certainly hope for more

So fucking stressed I could scream

Waiting for my results of the National Boards for becoming a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.   Quite a few of my classmates heard yesterday that they passed, and I’m so happy for them.  Yet at the same time, I am going crazy not knowing. I slept like crap knowing that I’m about to get either really great news or something not so great whatsoever.  I did NOT feel good about the exam upon exit, but I know I am devoted to becoming a great PTA. I*WILL* get savvy in the conditions commonly seen an orthopedic setting (I really don’t want to work in an acute care or retirement home).  But I really need this license so I can move on with life and get said job.  It has been icky not making a contribution to the bank account

Some fun pictures from yesterday. I sort of love the cloud formations in these shots.  Namaste and blessings dear reader.


Stale Items on a To-Do List

I managed to cross one off my list, and I’m grateful.  It was turning on the irrigation system.  I’ve been meaning to do it for a few weeks now.  But today, many plants were essentially BEGGING for water. I am grateful that the husband taught me how to do it. Lucien the Basenji puppy thinks that the irrigation sprayers are a game.  So Bonus – anything to amuse the puppy, he has more energy than any of his Basenji and human room-mates!


2 week countdown

I head to Sunport (ABQ airport) 2 weeks from today, Seattle being my destination for 7 whole weeks.  I’m so excited and yet stressed beyond belief!  The next 2 weeks are going to be really trying. Between final testing until next Friday… and getting my ducks in a row for such a long trip is…. overwhelming….


I’ll deal, I always do.. 🙂

The next thing I know I’ll be HOME, if but for a teensy bit of time.  It will bittersweet though, for my life has pretty much transitioned to NM. It’s been nearly 2 years we’ve been here and I’m part of a fabulous kula.  So I’ll be homesick for my husband, minions, (Romeo and Zena) and NM family.


I won’t be staying in a drafty hotel room.  I loved Gallup externship, but the hotel above was most depresssing.

It’s going to be interesting to working with elderly people. I tend to get along with them well.  Their stories are pretty amazing if nothing else.  It will be fun to help them regain as much as former function as possible.  🙂



Here We Go – 2017!

First of all, best wishes for All in this New Year.  I wonder how long it will take me to start signing dates as 2017 and not 2016. I bet it will be about a month or so based on previous years (yep, extremely forgetful).

Why do I have this mental defect?  Perhaps this mental block screams that I live in the past WAY too much.  I don’t deny it.  I don’t WANT to.  Cuz there is so much I regret it really hurts.  Perhaps it just freaks me out to realize how old I am getting……

I fervently try to embrace my  New Now and Let Go of the past.  I truly know that it simply can’t be changed. It’s pointless to ruminate on the things that could have been, or the mistakes made in retrospect that were simply stupid. But professionals state that at the time, my actions were the best I thought I could do.

So getting back to embracing the New Now  .. It’s so cool when I pull it off.  But it is a hard state to stay in, no matter how real it is.  If it was easy, there would be a shitload of Buddhas!  I’m so glad that I have my Erich Schiffmann recordings to remind me of New Now.  Freedom Style Yoga.  He centers me, how I wish I could study with him!

I fret about leaving Rio Rancho for 7 weeks in mid Feb.  I can’t WAIT to be back in Seattle for 7 weeks, but I wish I could teleport my family and Rio Rancho friends and yoga classes there with me as well :).

The externship will keep me plenty busy.  Homesickness might not happen there, like in Gallup.  My Bestie!  My friends!  Lake Washington!  It is so green there, the pine tress are so lovely.  Sushi.

Plus I can’t wait to practice at my dear Ashram.  Taken from said studio.


Woke up around 2:45 a.m. I guess since I went to be at 8 am on New Year’s Eve, that is a decent night’s sleep…..  My blessed right shoulder pain was intense enough that I knew trying to sleep would be utterly pointless.  Orthopedist appt in a few days.  Thank Heavens, I really need to figure out what’s going on with my shoulder and rehabilitate!!!

Well enough rambling now, I have to shut my eyes and focus on Ronnie, talk to Russia by Prince.  I thought Ronnie was bad, but is sickening that Donald Trump is on the way into the Oval Office.  Bu trying

Namaste All.  Blessings!!!

Tickets – Bought

I procrastinate a lot.  Too much piles up on my to do list.  It overwhelms me and so I don’t take on any of it.  Instead I do stupid sh*t like watching marathons of the TV shop Chopped.  Dreading the last month of classes before we go to our final clinical.  We are doing a lot of group projects, and as much as I like the majority of my classmates, I pretty much loathe group-learning.  And my right shoulder is messing up my life (more bitching about that later).



My last externship is in Seattle (where I consider myself from still).  I’ll graduate in mid-April, so the end is near and I’m stoked to become a fully fledged PT Assistant. So I do hope I can suck it up until then!  The stint in Seattle should be most awesome.  I gotta keep my eye on the prize.  At least I’ve booked my tickets (just now, after thinking about it for months). That’s something, right?

My right shoulder is funked up. It doesn’t bother me too much in the daytime (unless I try to do chaturanga and certain arm-balancing poses).  But at night, different story. It will ache, or worse I’ll feel sharp shooting burning pains that are weirdly in all sorts of directions, not a consistent spot.  I can’t find a comfortable arm position.  Sleeping about 2 hours at a time, and after 6 hrs I give up and to to prioritize my to do list, which I’m too tired to actually enact.  Convinced that I have cancer of my entire humerus and will be faced with the decision of amputation. I think I would rather die than do that.  I know I shouldn’t even go there.  I do believe in the power of thought manifesting in real life.  So trying to remain positive and hope that my appt with the orthopedist in a week will allay my fears.

This mystery injury affects both my personal asana practice and my abilities as a yoga teacher. And of course, my husband would probably like to strangle me. I need to put on my Big Girl Panties and shut the fu*k up, so many people have such bigger problems.

I DID knock quite a few things off my list yesterday – I can only hope that today is equally productive but I also really hope that I take a yoga class, focus on my own mat, and clear my head.  I can hope that will allow me to prioritize, get out of my current positive feedback loop of procrastination….