Fascial Geeking Out, Pt II

So I didn’t have a whole lot of time yesterday to read my books about the Fascia, which I have decided is the target goal of my PTA career.  Myofascial therapy is fascinating.  I really hope that the clinic I work at will be give me the opportunity to hone my myofascial/manual therapy techniques.

The fascia is also most fascinating to me in terms of Yin Yoga.  I *always* at least mention the effect Yin Yoga can influence the connective tissues, and thereby the body itself.  There are so many yoga poses that in essence perform self-release technique! I want my students to have a deeper understanding of their own bodies.  But since there is so much more to Yin – and I don’t want the students to get too left-brained during class. So I try to just pepper it in.

More and more research is being reported these days on what some call the “Cinderalla” tissue.  I love these tensegrity models.  These models can hold their shape, whereas bones in a skeleton model are held together with wire.

I intend to make the Fascia an important part of my blog. I think I’ve found my Niche.  I intend to expound on current research and up to date findings – in a different blog.

Right now I’ll just say this.  I know from a personal perspective that my range of motion improvements affect my every movement and I have a feeling of general ease.  I see the students’ bodies change over time, much to their surprise.  I see a lot of students come to love their Yin practice and its effects.  So it isn’t just me that thinks we are onto something.

A major aspect to Yin Yoga is the fascia and other connective tissues. Our bones can’t hold us upright due to compressive forces – Our tissues are a crucial tying together of our form and dispersion of compressive forces. This is only one aspect of the Yin approach, and I will expound upon Yin philosophy but that is a big topic and there is . There is much to do today – 2 classes to teach – household crap – and preparing for my Lululemon class tomorrow in the Park tomorrow.  This experience will broaden my teaching scope a lot. Park yoga is a lot different than controlled environment/flat floor of Vivify.



Week 2 of 2 at first internship

I am pre-grieving leaving Concentra at week’s end.  I am learning so much and fun meeting so many people in the real life setting.  With feedback from a very gifted PT.

Classroom is obviously important, but it is really hard to pretend to treat pretend injuries at school.  I wasn’t good at play pretend games as a child, I’m terrible at storytelling, and apparently I’m bad at faux therapy physical competency tests that involve a whole lot of pretending…. ‘Nuf said.

I do know I’m good at teaching yoga…..  I look forward to the day I can feel that way about being a PTA . I really adore helping someone get through their physical and/or mental block at *any level* .  That is my Dharma.

Teaching Yoga FT, although it sounds great, well….. Let’s say I’d like to start making some bank, too.  Not just Karma Points.  As I turn 49 in a few weeks, I’ve got to get cracking on the paycheck, and if I have to scale back teaching, while it will kill me inside, I also have to think about me and *my future*.

his is a total generality, not pointing my finger at anyone, person, please.  But I there are so many students that love the outcome of a good class yet wish the classes were cheaper.  Well….. That would be nice all, but a studio has to not just survive, but THRIVE… and that involves keeping skilled instructors on the schedule.  I want to ask them “aren’t you worth $10?”.  Aren’t you interested in the financial well-being of all involved?  I don’t want yoga to be a business.  Yet it must be so, at least for me.

So how can I tactfully tell a student that “please complain to someone else, for it personally insults me you’d take this issue up with me”.?  Please cyberspace, I could use some guidance on that.




Ok, this morning the Internet really LET ME DOWN.

Funny, I’d never have said that back in grad school.  I’m that old.  As I finished my last bit of grad school, I was just hearing about the “world wide web’.  Seriously.

One of the things that has sucked the most about returning into school at my almost 49 year old status, is e-books and lectures. I have never been good with a computer, as many people will attest, over the years I’ve grown far more reliant my laptop.  Love/Hate – big bang theory snippets versus KenHub….. But tday, at 4 a.m. I was assuming that I could do a bang up job on my Kinesi HW due at 1 p.m.

Bu the Universe decided that “WWW” access remained off-line until approaching 9:30 a.m.  I dealt a lotta stuff, and that was cool, but it wasn’t the Prime Mover of the To Do list.

Anyways, ended up being pretty darn fun and informative.  But I am SOOOOO screwed tomorrow.  So much to do. I’m depending on my 6 a.m. Sub at Hot/Not to propel through a sort of scary day!

Been dying to post something – I realized I was just testing the new phone in my last post.

I almost posted my attempt at grokking gait analysis.  But that would be so nerdy of me.  But that is the sorta shtuff that my pee-brain is filled with.  Way too Left-Brained for me!

So here are a few pictures, just to prove I am sneaking in little bits of practice – before school.  And picking the Basenji babies up from Doggy Day Care.  I have so many more I’d like to share.  But I’ve run out of allotted time.  30 minutes now allotted for planning tomorrow’s strategy for not flunking out of school.


OMI, my shower today…. Priceless

I taught the 9:30 and 11 a.m. classes this morning at Vivify.  How I love that studio. 🙂

Class night was so much fun and today was a continuation.  🙂  Sooooo cool to see people progress in their journey.  Wonderful to get to know the students. I actually don’t like to think of so many as “students”, just dear friends that share a growing fascination with Yoga :).  I love you all so much, you have helped my transition to NM so much, and touched my heart in so many ways…

But ****MAN**** I felt SOOOOOOO stinky after class. I was incredibly grateful to get in the shower and I apologize to the 11 a.m. class that I didn’t at least have the time to change into fresh clothes!!!

A few yoga shots, of course.  I have a few favorites I took yesterday at Hot or Not.  Both Hot or Not and Vivify are very inspiring for picture-taking.

Here’s some pictures from the past few days.  The pups have been exceptionally cute.

Duality Baby

Taking a break from studying (and it is 5 in the morning, mind you).  Yesterday was Groundhog Day, one of my favorite holidays.  You don’t have to buy anyone anything, rather it is a day of questioning when Spring will come…. I’ve been pretty dang sick this week and I’m rather liking the thought of re-birth, stat!  But the fucking cold is lingering and I’m feeling emotionally drained.  School is dumping info and assignments on a very weary me.  I am partially through an assignment due today. But I’m far more worried about a skill comp tomorrow that is really important. I feel extremely unprepared. So that is the Bad Shit.  

But I am far more interested in the Good Stuff – and that is Hot or Not.  🙂

I’ve been given the Tuesday 6 a.m. and Friday 9 a.m. classes at Hot or Not!  I am most pleased.  I taught my first class yesterday and had a lovely time (apart from having a very froggy voice). The studio just opened but it already has a great vibe and I look forward to building my classes and getting to meet lots of ABQ yogis.

I took a few pictures after class.  I offer you my favorites.  I’ll say I can do better, but I hadn’t inverted for a few days, lest the congestion in my head cause a TBI or something.  It felt great to get upside down.  I will definitely be doing more of that later.  Once the coffee has kicked in



Watching the clock

Just got home from a delightful sushi lunch with a dear friend.  She is such a lovely lady and the fish was Good! We were finished with lunch by 2 but visited well past that. But I am FULL.  I hope that this feeling has gone away before I teach at 6:15 at Vivify or I’m doomed (actually, it just means that I won’t participate as much as I’d like, I’ll walk around and pick on form)!  But I really want to join in and get nice and sweaty!

I did practice a little bit this morning anyways.  My top pictures are….

I love when Romey gets involved.  Zena she’s always interested in my yoga mat antics.  Romey, not so much but he indulges me from time to time.

For whatever reason today, I got wondering if there are applications to make photos look like Warhol paintings.  Had to look.  Guess what?  Indeed there are and I’m sure this won’t be the last one I post





So Tired. So Happy

Today has been a really awesome day thus far. I taught my usual 6:15 a.m. class and then subbed the 10 a.m. class at Vivify.  Came home/cleaned up/ate/took a nap with two cuddly Basenjis.  Yup, that *is* my idea of a good day.  Oooo!!! I shouldn’t forget starting on laundry and dishes.  Yup, that’s the truth, my idea of fun.  (I probably should dream bigger, but whatever)…..

When I was coming home, I realized I had to take a yoga shot, the view was so spectacular.  Here you go.  It wasn’t as cold as the other day but today I was utterly exhausted from teaching.


It is nearly time to take the needy yet beautiful Basenjis out on their afternoon walk. I still have a little bit, not much.  They don’t wear watches but trust me, they somehow know exactly what time it is.  Usually within 5 minutes of their various rituals. It is rather uncanny.