You might think.

So sad to hear of the passing of Ric Ocasek earlier this week.  What an amazing artist that left an impression on  this Midwestern Girl growing up in the late 70s/80s.


After hearing of the passing of Ric Ocasek earlier this week, some self-inquiry was logical.  Growing up protected in MN in the late 70s/80s, The Cars music was super fresh, clever and catchy…. Def a part of my formative love of music.

I do not know how I ever managed to get away with procuring Candy-O.  Mom would have not been cool with it.  Sure glad I managed to, for I listened to this vinyl so many times, the songs are ingrained into my head. Sorry Mom, still glad I did.

Candy-O.  Damn she was sexy.  Super intriguing for this Midwestern Girl back then.  Maybe she is partially why I have always loved my cars?  Never personally taken such an awesome shot, but sure wish I had!!! 🙂  I do enjoy getting on the top of my cars, but sure couldn’t pull it off like that!

I bet I could win in a yoga contest, even now 🙂

Music has always played a huge role in my life. It always will.  Growing up, music was an escape from being bullied and for grieving the loss of my father.  Music kept me sane and inspired through the years.

I continue to spend a lot of my downtime listening to music.  I know songs that are guaranteed to pep me up when necessary.  Or those to help me work through a much needed cry.  Music is my Universal Vibration.

I get darn obsessed planning playlists for my yoga classes.  During the week, I journal the music that inspires me for my weekend classes.  Sometimes it takes thought, other times it is pretty easy.  Like this week.  I will be shaking up with the Cars.

RIP Ric.  Words cannot describe my admiration.



MN sojourn

I depart today back to New Mexico after brief visit to MN. I grew up in Rochester MN and my mom still resides there. My sister lives in adjoining state of WI and I got to see her as well. there. collage degrees Mom a. (sis in WI, she came visit too. saw lots of my beloved extended family as well.

This was an emotional stay. So many memories hit me like a brick 🧱. Wishes I could stay longer, see certain other hugely important people in my past life. sites I want to visit, a tour of Paisley park one example. A visit to Dad’s grave. Close-up of corn 🌽 tower. List is long and dunno if I could handle some places. a certain person who doesn’t want to stay in touch with. Regrets. amazing memories…..

Glad to get back to life in NM. Yet a part of me grieves.

Personal Practice

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday at Vivify Hot Yoga. I read from Bernie’s Your spine, Your Yoga and was motivated to do some poses that I haven’t done in some time.I am so grateful that I spent my Sunday afternoon fueling my soul. Plus I taught a Yin Class with a bunch of beautiful souls. It was such an honor.

Have a beautiful Monday! 💜

Independence musings

Still smiling about my class yesterday. What a fun group. Satisfied with my playlist. I believe the Yogis had a good time

Feeling contemplative this morning. Mulling on a recurrent dilemma.

How the hell do I best meld my careers as a successful Yoga 🧘‍♀️ Instructor and Physical Therapist Assistant?

I want to freely discuss the power of yoga in rehabilitation and life in general to my PT clients. But I am to refrain from specifically mentioning Vivify there. That puts me in a bind when clients directly asked where.

I freely discuss the PT clinic I work at with my Vivify family. I’ve brought several yoga students to our PT clinic. Now I feel i should be equally vague to where I am PTA.

I need to specially discuss the wonders of both the clinic and Vivify to be happy with my career. Hence the conflict.

Perhaps cyberspace can give me directions. I know I am meant to blend my dual lives. I have a blast at Vivify. I HAVE to do my part in making Vivify successful.



I haven’t felt inspired to blog lately. Too much going on lately.

It is difficult to meld my beliefs in Physical Therapy and the healing potential of Yoga.  It is hard to find the time for self-love

I hardly get on my mat and take a class. I’m blessed that I took an amazing class yesterday at my beloved studio, Vivify Hot Yoga NM.  Grateful that my husband joined me and we took our first duo picture in recent times.


Vivify’s IG challenge has started to stoke the embers of creativity.