Yin is In

I teach Yin Yoga at Vivify NM Yoga http://vivifynm.com My training is primarily via teachers from afar (they don’t know that, but they are) Erich Schiffmann.  He isn’t Yin per se, but I guess that is why I choose him first.  His style is Freedom Style, and I apply that to my approach to teaching,Continue reading “Yin is In”

Yin at Viv

This flyer took me forever.  How to convey what Yin is (to me) and what you can expect from me.  I’m also inept with programs like Canva and the like, someone else might not thrash like I do. The hand sparkles – my daughter made this some while back now.  How I wish I couldContinue reading “Yin at Viv”

This is BullS*ht

It’s easy to think of ourselves as static. It’s hard to not compare oneself to others.  But we are always growing and changing.  Change takes time and patience.  We all have our unique talents.   I am fortunate to be one of the Gumby’s. I have to admit a good stretch feels fantastic.  One of myContinue reading “This is BullS*ht”

Happily Geeking Out

I have discovered, much to my pleasant surprise, that I actually LOVE reading about the Fascial network and how it intertwines with the better recognized musculoskeletal system  It’s all Tensegrity baby. Huh? What’s that?  Super awesome question.  Right now I’m still gathering my information to adequately verbalize it at the level I get it. IContinue reading “Happily Geeking Out”

Getting back to Yin

I’m doing a solid re-edit of my blog.  I’m slashing most of it, just so long ago and honestly, way too tangential. Flyer from the first Yin Yoga class I taught at Vivify.  I had taught skads of Yin classes back in WA state, but it had been awhile, and I knew things would needContinue reading “Getting back to Yin”