Orange Tweeter is such an AssHat!

Ok, got that off my chest. I had the best day teaching yoga at Vivify today.  So many dear friends, devoted yogi, students I’m getting to know and love, and yogis that I’ve just now met.  For the yogis I know – to see your progress is so very inspiring.  I love getting to knowContinue reading “Orange Tweeter is such an AssHat!”

Dog Day Afternoon

[Let’s just say this straightaway- another day of not studying for the PTA boards whatsoever] Sooooo…. A kazillion (hyperbole) of house-hold to-do items have accrued during my time as a PTA student. In general from our move to NM two years ago.  I have been plugging away at this list since wrapping up school.  ChippingContinue reading “Dog Day Afternoon”

A loss for words

I miss blogging.  Most of my thoughts of late have been of classified material.  Not for the government, but nothing I feel like sharing with cyberspace.  Plus, I’ve been pretty busy catching up with boring sh*t around the house, things that have piled up since I started school. God, I’m glad to be done withContinue reading “A loss for words”

Back to Life, Live.

I’ve been emotionally slammed this past 7 weeks.  The Externship was a great learning experience, but overall…. so depressing.  This past week…. Felt like shit from a head cold. I had to give my in-service, I broadened my PTA experiences into Wound Care.  I’m not squeamish, but to hear people scream with dressing changes plusContinue reading “Back to Life, Live.”

Urdva Dhanurasana/Wheel Pose

I love Love LOVE Wheel Pose.  Have since I was a kiddo.  It is Day 14 (tomorrow’s) pose for Vivify Hot Yoga NM’s #vivifylucky17 and I’m honored to be leading this advanced posture 🙂 It is **essential** to warm up the body for Wheel. It is an advanced posture. Bridge and shoulder openers are greatContinue reading “Urdva Dhanurasana/Wheel Pose”

Big Day!

Starting my internship today at Life Centers of Kirkland. I’ve really been looking forward to it – but of course the first day anywhere is full of uncertainties – as least in *my* experience. To shake off the jitters, I’m going to start the day out right with a 6:15 a.m. class. I have promisedContinue reading “Big Day!”

Eve of Semester V

Well, I have been deluged with HW in anticipation for the start of Semester V, and I have done my best to prepare for the week. Fully anticipate getting slammed with HW in the next 4 days, with comments like “you’ll have plenty of time during holiday” and “this is an accelerated program” etc etcContinue reading “Eve of Semester V”