Instagram inspired Yoga Photos

I take daily yoga pictures. It started with taking poses to analyze my form, but yoga photography has become my form of self-expression, albeit with an iPHONE. I try to shake it up, but I do have some favorite poses and places to work with. I have had to scale back for family obligations and settling into being a Physical Therapist Assistant.

But I need to get back to it. I want to church up this blog! My new awesome (#ilovemyjob) job at ATI Physical Therapy is inspiring me to change it on many levels. ATI encourages IG posts for their ATI TV if I include #ATIPT in my posts. This is a Theresa Pandora Box. Seems like a good way to document my goal to become a Yoga Therapist.




handstand variation

handstand splits

handstand splits



Painted in Waterlogue


IMG_2026   IMG_0950

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