Our Basenjis

(this commentary is completely under construction, but this page is rather obsolete and I know I can do better.).  I need to compile my favorite pictures of them and add, for sure.  

I love Basenjis. They are such a unique and amazing bunch of critters.

You might not be familiar with them/ of maybe know them as African Barkless Dogs (they honestly don’t bark, but some of them are talkers- below see a serious out-lier in the vocal range).  The Talkers make a “Baroo” which (mostly loving) baroo and I find absolutely adorable.  But they sort of save it for when they are really excited.  In general they are pretty darn quiet.

Basenjis are certainly not for everyone. They are headstrong/not known for easy training. They aren’t like Labs or Spaniels in that way.  Rather feline insofar as they like walking on edges/counter-surfacing and groom themselves assiduously. Knowing owners/breeders will definitely concur that “A Happy Basenji is a Tired Basenji”.  When adequately worn out, they are **the** sun-spongers par none.


The Sandia mountain range and the the Minions taking it in

are up to 3 Basenjis now.



Romeo our beautiful black/white.  He is a Not a Talker.  He is verbal insofar as to when he is jousting with our new puppy Lucien.  Romeo, aka “Total Eclipse of the Heart/FoPaw’s” (I have to look up his exact AKC name).  His 2 names suit him perfectly. I whisper in his ear that he is my favorite dog ever – even though I have loved them all with my heart) – and he LOVES bellyrubs. He is a little standoffish these days insofar as Lucien gets in his face.  Romeo’s the eldest male in the group, so while he is playful, he also has an annoying younger brother who he has to “school”constantly. Romeo would definitely like getting more sun-sponging than his younger counterpart. He also loves to run and is FAST.IMG_2979IMG_0190

Lucien – The Tricolor PuppyIMG_2752.JPG

Our tricolor male puppy is a true character. He is a talker – a lovely Baritone baroo that I hope to record some day. He’s gotta be pretty happy before he blesses me with one – for they truly crack me up.  He is an incredible beggar of attention and requires lots of pats.  He always pushes to the front of the Pat Line.  His lineage is cool (and I totally need to look up what his AKC will be).  He is part African Basenji — Lukuru.  Basenjis have a pretty in-bred line and Africans are helping to diversify.  Lucien will actually be part of a Dog Genome Project shortly. I will be interested to see how that goes.  I believe he must have Wolf and Meerkat in him and perhaps research will prove my theory as potentially correct, however silly that idea may seem.  But his Fangs and BiPed tendencies have me pretty convinced his lineage is very special. Lucien is going to be faster than Romeo when he is fully grown.  I look forward to when he is out of his destructive phase.


IMG_2152 The Warrior Princesss (FoPaw’s Simply Irresistable) lives up to her name, for sure.  table”).  She is the a member of the Red and Whites, which is the most common color combo.  Nothing common about this adroit rabbit murderer and the grudging leader of the group.  Badass when she bares her teeth at annoying-her Lucien and growls most menacingly.  He leaves her alone for the most part because she WILL kick his ass if necessary.  She and Romeo have lived together for some time – they have worked out their issues long ago – they are my BookEnds.

I leave it here for now – but here are a couple of links I really enjoy


Thank GOD none of mine do anything like this Countdown clock Howl Clip  OMG, I would go insane….. But he is still pretty cute!





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