Our Basenjis


Just found this link, it is a pretty awesome


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basenji for information on Basenjis. They are “barkless” but they certainly make noise – here’s a clip of one particularly amusing Basenji’s yodel or “baroo”.  This pooch is not mine.  Zena is a talker but Romeo is nearly silent.  This is pretty cute:

We currently have two Basenjis.  Zena and Romeo.  If you haven’t met a Basenji, they are really unique and independent.  Super loving but would kill a bunny in a heartbeat.  Zena’s just a young lady but Romeo is in his prime and is FAST and SMART  His greatest frustration is not being allowed to catch all the squirrels in the ‘hood.  Cuz he could.


We recently had a health scare with Romeo.  I can’t stop kissing him whenever I see him now, which I’m not always sure he appreciates.  Here is one of today’s dozens of shots:


it is true. We are badasses!

Ok, one more…


Mom doesn’t like it, but I am a digger. Mom loves me anyways.

Here’s some pictures of my babies today (5-12-14)




Romeo, my aptly named loverboy



Romeo April 2014


Harlan and Zena


Zena – April 2014


Romeo and Karma


Zena The Warrior Princess “Simply Irresistible” born Carly


Romeo – Total Eclipse of the Heart


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