I used to work as a microbiologist at The Infectious Disease Research Institute in Seattle, WA. I studied Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis, a terrible disease that primarily affects the lungs.  Prior to working at IDRI, I worked at Seattle Children’s Hospital studying Group B Strep.  I continue to wish both organizations only the very best!  If I ever won the lottery I would definitely make contributions to IDRI and Children’s.  But I buy lottery tickets quite infrequently.

Here is my most recent publication (I was a collaborator)


You may think TB is a disease of the past but one third of the world is infected with M. tuberculosis.  Please check out IDRI’s website to learn more!  It is a great site for information on diseases of poverty.



theresa models OADC

In the regular lab (just lab coats required)

BL3 gear

The protective gear we must wear to work with M. tuberculosis


The regular molecular biology lab

TB Dsico Theresa 028

We have to work in a cabinet that filters the air for us when we work with M. tuberculosis



TB research is very stressful.  I work with M. tuberculosis directly in a laboratory especially equipped to contain this dangerous organism.  Tuberculosis is no joking matter.  It is scary beyond belief.



Yoga has been enormously beneficial in keeping life in perspective.  I’m grateful that the atmosphere at work is pretty casual and folks don’t get weird if I perform an asana off the cuff to mentally balance during the day…..


de-stressing in the office


A space where I can stretch before going into the lab

lab coat leg behind head

messing around for a second before heading in the molecular biology lab




petri dish art



I’ve been asked to write a blog on the IDRI website and I’m thinking about writing it on Totally Drug Resistant M. tuberculosis.  I hope in the next couple of weeks to have something to share.



I'd love to hear what you think :)

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