Reviewing this page makes me realize I should take on an IG challenge for the Month of August.  I turn 50 in August.  Yes, I am going to do that. 

IG awakens my artistic side, second only to teaching yoga.  I love documenting my yoga journey, sharing it, and getting ideas from yogis near and far.  It’s not a “Show Off”.For what it is worth, I sometimes include shots that I HATE for one reason or another.  But I do share my process.  Seeing yourself from the outside, it teaches you a lot, especially when no one tells  you how you need to align. My students don’t necessarily like when I take their pictures, so that they can see their progress…. But I I think it is a huge part of the process, to see yourself from the outside.

IG isn’t just about yoga for me, I love my inspirationalists, the artists, the free-formers.  Just don’t tell me The Tweeter is Ok, please.  If you think he is, well, keep it to yourself. The Orange Tweeter, well… Not so into him.




My favorite personal shot, taken in Sedona in 2006.

Here are some of the challenges that I’ve taken on so far.  Gosh they are fun!

IMG_0591  IMG_8499 IMG_7435 IMG_6774 mermaidyogis.jpg IMG_5699 IMG_5459 IMG_4846

I'd love to hear what you think :)

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