Practice with me today (recurring Saturdays) at 9:30 am :)

I’m teaching a streaming all-levels yoga class this morning at 9:30 am today for Vivify NM. I’d love if you could join us in cyberspace to keep our practices strong and join together even when we are far apart.

  • Get the Vivify App
  • Sign up before 9 am (video avail after class if 9:30 am doesn’t work for you today.
  • You do not have to live in NM to join me. I’d love to practice with friends from afar 🙂
  • As always, your first week is free

I will also be teaching what I call an Alternative Yin tomorrow at 4 pm. Also all levels – with suggestions on how to progress the poses if you are so inclined. It is always YOUR class – so make it as chill as feels right.

Monday night at 7:30 p.m. for a more traditional Yin class.

You do not have to be bendy to practice yoga. Everyone benefits. Expect some anatomy snippets during class.

Blessings to all for health.

A few fun ones from yesterday

I made the mistake of downloading these pictures before I wrote anything. For whatever reason I can’t get text before the pictures. I used to be able to do so. Another reason to hate WordPress.

Anyhoo, dear reader, I hope that you are holding up in quarantine. The situation is so tragic and sad. To think that Donald could have nipped this in the bud. I detest DT. He is beyond incompetent. He lies and lies some more. I could go on, of course, but I’ll just say the man has blood on his hands. I fervently hope his is voted out of office. No matter, the guy has some bad karma. Eventually he will pay the price.

Somehow, someway, we will get through this. Yet our society is forever changed.

GoGo Boots cheer me up

These days are suck a clusterf* huh? Yoga – as always – is my happy place. Especially in GoGos.

I would ordinarily be teaching my beloved classes at Vivify today, but we have been mandated – as all fitness businesses – to close until April 10. I love my classes and my family. I hope our little studio can withstand this storm.

Yoga asana sure is different in GoGos. Here’s my latest installment.

Concrete is hard
Concrete Stag Headstand


I’ve been grooving on several Yoga Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to start to enjoy the commute. Or errands. Or just because. I really love these ones and encourage you to check them out.

J. is an amazing resource of all things yoga I attended an immersion led by J. “Gentle is the New Advanced” in Las Cruces last weekend and I am so grateful that I did.

I also HIGHLY recommend these as well

Every Day Sublime – Josh Summers


Yoga Hacks

GoGo #2

GoGo Boots and BodyStockings…..I’m compelled to explore the possibilities. This is out of my comfort zone to share. But yoga photography is a passion. I want to share it. . This will be a G-rated project. Photographer husband approved.

I’ve got whites and sparkles to explore at this point.

I’ve got more to share – but uploading pictures seems impossible atm. Having so much fun exploring GoGo boots Yoga. Definitely a free-form practice. I am most inspired.

Thoughts for the Day. Stretch your body in conjunction with awesome music. Take a Conscious Pause as needed. Squeeze your ass super tight and notice how it changes your posture. Relax and repeat often. Love yourself.

I get to work today!

I have been laid up since Sunday when I took a pretty nasty fall whilst walking the dogs. I landed flat on my sacrum in the fall and DANG it hurt. I was completely out of commission Monday. I went to Urgent Care Tuesday to rule out a fractured pelvis (not, thank god). Doctor said I shouldn’t work until Thursday (today). I have been so bored at home, but honestly no way I could have provided manual therapy. I am a bit concerned about how it will feel today. I feel terrible for my co-workers that I had to stay home for 3 days. I know that has been a real strain. I’ve gotta get off my ass quite literally.

So I’m going to do my best. Luckily we’ve got great ice packs there. 🙂

One perk of being homebound was sorting through old photo albums, sorting cupboards (involves standing) , doing some revamping of this blog. The dogs got extra pats. I that I got some things organized. Sorting through pictures is always fun. Here is one I took in an art gallery I encountered recently, in the Phoenix airport of all places. Really pretty.

Have a beautiful day.

A really beautiful gallery in Phoenix a couple of months ago.