Starting to see again!

For those of you don’t know (and those who give a shit – lol)

I have been fighting an unexpected and severe loss of vision in my left eye.  Things were getting heli-dark and blurry 2 weeks ago. Eye doc says eye itself is fine but my acuity is pretty bad (20/100).  He strongly recommended I not drive, work, practice only Yin Yoga (no inversions- including my staple downward facing dog- MEH), and take dogs for short walks.  I’m also to minimize all physical activity.  Boy he was right about losing my energy – I sure slept last week away.  This week I’m feeing quite a bit peppier. But grappling with the fact that optic neuritis, which they think I have -may be simply a viral infection of my optic nerve but neuritis is fairly well associated with developing multiple sclerosis within 5 years.  So I have ben going through hell.  Getting a second MRI, a special one to detect what is going on with the optic nerve, this Saturday and seeing the eye doc next Wed.  So I should hopefully get the great news that this is probably viral, and not MS.

In the interim,

Elated to say that every day my vision improve slowly.  This morning I am able to discriminate colors, and to a pretty decent extent numbers & starting to be able to read from my left eye.  The overall L-visual field seems a **tad** brighter.  I am so hopeful this continues.  That I’m just fighting a virus.  It might be a few months before I will know the extent of damage to the eye.  I have to accept that I might have permanent vision loss.  If so, I sure hope it is correctable with glasses or horrid contact lenses.  Doing a whole lot of praying!

So I have been a total sloth and feel really gross.  So to cheer myself up, I got a hair tint with purple highlights.  It’s nice to do something that you have always wanted to do!!!



Missing My Vision

I’ve lost significant vision in my left eye this past week. I can make out shapes of objects but everything is super-dim and extremely blurry – I’m 20/100 now when it used to be 20/20 with slight correction.

I am ever so thankful that my right eye is unaffected.

MRI indicates my noggin’ tissue and vascularity looks good. Physical exam of the eye indicates a healthy eye. I have to have another MRI that specifically detects the optic nerve to determining if I have ocular neuritis. If so, I can expect to PROBABLY regain quite a bit of what I’ve lost. It probably won’t completely return to normal. But holy fuck, what if it doesn’t return. Super scary thought!

My doctor says that I cannot drive for the time being, for I have little depth perception and strongly advised me to not work this week and wrote me a note. He told me no yoga poses that bring my head below by heart. This is a lot of bummers in a pile.

Another big bummer is that this disease has a high correlation with MS. Thankfully no plaques were seen in the MRI. So I’m really praying that I won’t develop MS. Wow, a lot to contemplate and mediate upon.

For now, I must practice a whole lot of Yin and meditate upon the fervent hope I have that I won’t be permanently disabled. But also try to remember that I have a beautifully functioning right eye and the visual system is capable of adaptation. And be grateful for the support of my husband.

I can also console myself that I now have a totally legit excuse to wear a purple satin eye-patch. It’s on order, amazing Etsy! Make lemonade out of lemons I suppose.

I can also be pissed that WordPress isn’t allowing me access to previously loaded pictures.  I’ll figure it out later, I really can’t look at computer screens for long without getting a raging headache.

Namaste All, T

Yin Yoga

I’m teaching Yin at 4 pm today at Vivify and I’m trying to get mentally prepared. I have a lot of studying that I’d like to be doing regarding Yin Yoga.  The problem is, life is getting in my way.  I’ve been on a major cleaning purge, so shredding documents from 10 years ago seems necessary to tackle right now.

My shredder has over-heated so I thought I’d pen a thought or two and share a few pictures, of course.

I came across of these 4 Tenets of Yin in a Yoga Journal Article.  There are so many more, IMHO, and but I agree wholeheartedly with them.

  • Find an appropriate edge
  • Be still
  • Hold for awhile
  • release with care

I am trying to come up with a new flyer for my Yin classes.  And a new business card.  I have so many pictures to sort through, debating on bullet points I want to make regarding both.  It seems easier to just shred 10 year old documents. Which I want to get back to, I believe my machine has cooled sufficiently to finish said task.  Then I will turn my focus to changing into my yoga togs and contemplating what poses I’d like to possibly do. I never really know where the sequence will go.  My Yin is pretty much a Vibe-style Yin and I try to consider who is there, not be married to some sort of sequence.  So time to get going!

I have discovered the beauty of parallel bars at work. I look forward to playing with them again this coming week!


Time Sure Flies.

Happy 2018 All.  I send the most warmest of wishes to cyberspace to my family, friends, other earthlings, and out to the Cosmos.  Wow!  2018….

I am inspired to get going on the Bucket List (and to clean my house) as time is clearly marching on at a rapid pace.

I have had such a lovely long weekend.  Filled with quality time with my family, friends, and some **much** needed time on my yoga mat.  I love my job as a Physical Therapist Assistant, but it bites into my Yoga Mode and all that that entails. I yearn to find a balance between my two worlds and be the best teacher/educator/clinician that I can be.  I know this is possible, it just takes time and a willingness to work hard for my dreams to manifest.  A cherry on the top of this dream sundae would be financially independence.

I plan to sit down and work on my 2018 Bucket List, and maybe to share it once I’ve given in some deep thought.  But I also want to attack my closet for awhile, because I know many treasures lie within its confines.  I’ve been threatening to do this for some time.  I’ve been in purge mode for a few days now and I don’t want to lose my momentum!

But I’ve got some pictures I just have to share from Vivify this weekend.  My husband and I have started practicing together, and I am ever so pleased!  Baby steps have been made in duo yoga and I have high hopes for what we will learn as we develop trust and have fun with it.  And I’ll have to stop being a chicken 🙂 🙂 🙂


And maybe, just maybe, I’ll take on my fears of Blitz the Monster….. This could the the Year of Adrenaline and Adventure!!!

Merry X-mas All!!!!

We had the most lovely couple of days in Santa Fe.  I tried to post the pictures but the casita we stayed at offered internet that moved at glacial speed.  So here are the pictures.

If you look really close – I’m asana-ing under this charming purple tree – which was particularly striking when lit up at night.

We strolled the Plaza, which has absolutely incredible shops.  I did score on a purchase of a belt of epic sparkly-ness for 50$.  I just *Had* to have it and *MUST WEAR*.  And marveled at this Church. I even had to peek in.  The cathedral was amazing but I did not dare take a photo as the kiddos were preparing for their traditional Nativity Scene.  Adorable kiddos.

We also snuck up to a frightening dragon ( 🙂  ). It was really neat.  People come up with the most fantastic pieces.

We will definitely explore this very unique town that is not that far away from Rio Rancho.  Sure wish it was a heck of a lot closer however.  The commute of an hour does get cumbersome.  It is an hour – so 2 hr of my day is spent on I-25. Not so sure about doing said commute and feel I should contemplate convenient options,,,,,,Which is a bummer as I love working at Therapy Solutions.

I am super bummed that I’ve put on some weight again.  My commute is chewing up all my free time – and I’ve getting on my mat not nearly enough.  I’m on my feet all day, which I like in a job but it isn’t an aerobic.  I know a healthier lifestyle would get me back ship shape.


Santa Fe Adventure

Although I’ve been driving to Santa Fe on the reg since I started working at Therapy Solutions.  But I pretty much drive to work and then head home to Rio Rancho.  So I know how to get the clinics, Meow Wolf, and Trader Joe’s.

But tonight is the TS holiday party and Harlan and I decided to take this as an opportunity to stay a couple of nights and to start to explore SF.  It is a delightful little town and we are def going to check out the Plaza and some art galleries before the party. Hooray!

I am betting that I’ll be doing some yoga photography later today. 🙂


Trash Tuesday

Happy What I call Trash Tuesday. (It reminds me to take out the garbage).

I need to clone myself.  This isn’t in my skill set, but it sure would be nice. One of me would be a full time yoga teacher and the other a Physical Therapist Assistant.  I can only hope that I can figure out to do both somehow, someway….

Very little time to take yoga pictures these days. I have GOT to figure out a way to change that.  My yoga time is precious and I believe quite necessary for my overall happiness.  But here are a few stolen moments the past few days….

And My Ode to my new Mermaid Socks…I would include them but my phone doesn’t seem to want to sync atm and I gotta amscray and get ready for work!

Again, Happy Trash Tuesday 🙂