This Blog Blows.

I want ever so badly for it not to do that. Do a major blog overhaul….It is far easier to simply  post my art, for pictures are a thousand words, and Brevity, I heard, is the source of wit.  (I believe Shakespeare’s comments on the subject).

IMG_E5989But so busy trying to fit into my new world at ATI Physical Therapy, keep teaching my weekend classes.  Family obligations/concerns.  And last of all, getting on my own damn mat.  I have writer’s block, I am terrible at creating interesting and meaningful blog that highlights my current attempts deepen my teaching and practices.

As a relatively newbie Physical Therapist Assistant, I think of many ways that I can marry my two occupations for better pay (which I don’t like to make my focus, but c’mon, I gotta consider that, I’m 51 fucking years old).  I know I have a unique skill set to offer once I get my shit together.

I don’t think that I have the training to offer the creme de la creme of my beliefs on the human body and how yoga fits in. I know that times are hard, so if I can in some way bring rehabilitation and yoga into a system that is sustainable for me and family and yet set up the system for my beloved yogis to get their classes partially paid for my insurance.

But I have to leave it there  I gotta get ready for ATI. I am actually stoked, It is simply 4 in the morning and gotta get my Groove On.

One thing that is helping me consolidate my practice and teaching philosophy is  He is taking on topics I greatly enjoy. A great resource that I know is going go assist my process.

Namaste.  Have a great day, and stretch you beautiful body, if not fo a few minutes and breath.  Over and Out


Can’t distill it.

So many ideas to mull.  Sending thoughts to cyberspace is fun and sometimes pretty cathartic.  But I want to go much deeper with my blog.  So I have a lot to  alter/update/share and meld.  But I’ve got writer’s block and very little time to even process all the wonderful stuff manifesting in my life right now.
Painted in Waterlogue

The fire that destroyed my beloved Ashram this week weighs heavily on my heart.  The Ashram meant so much to me when I lived in Kirkland WA.  More than a 1000 classes taken, and many as an instructor there….I loved my Ashram Family so much.  Becoming a certified instructor there forever changed me.  I found my bestie there.  🙂  And that is tip of the iceberg on my feelings this tragic event have unlocked.  I hope that in short order I will create a montage of my Ashram days.

I am so glad that Gary and Claudia have their Bellevue studio while they regroup and build a new Eastside space.  Destruction of the studio has weighed heavily on my mind.

So I leave it there, although I wish I could sit here for awhile and contemplate my life at Vivify, my new job at ATI Physical Therapy, and the J.Brown yoga podcast revelations.  But I must get going. It is time  to don my PTA hat.

Have a great day Cyberspace









Ok, I dunno why today this works and yesterday it did not.

I love photography and I am encountering big issues in loading on my blog. It is maddening really.

Part of the issue is I cannot download new photos and videos to my computer. I think I gotta do a Genius Bar.

So Satisfying

I watched Grease last night. Husband out of town, perfect opportunity to indulge myself.  I found myself smiling the entire movie. And singing.  You betcha that a few of the songs in this movie will be on my next playlist.  I have a really good idea brewing in my brain.

How can this movie be 40 years old? 

Time flies.

My bday looms.  How the fuck can I nearly be 51?  I sure don’t feel like it… As least most of the time.  But then when I reflect all the experiences I have had, all the chapters of my life, I guess it add up.

Overall, my life has been good.  I sure wish I had made different choices along my journey, just like everyone.  But I made some really good ones, and I hope that I continue to do more of the latter!

So on a total tangent, I want to design a new business card. I would like to work with clients 1:1 for yoga, both people in orthopedic rehabilitation and those that are lucky to NOT need physical therapy at this time.  Something very Yin and very Yang.  I need to look through my wealth of pictures and select great pictures. This is daunting and THEN I have to pen bullet points on my yoga philosophy and why someone should want to work with me.  I would also love to give my blog a Yoga/Physical Therapy a major re-haul.  But that that is a lot, and therefore it is overwhelming and easy to procrastinate!!!

Since there is a wealth of other stuff to deal with in life, I certainly can even justify this procrastination.   There is a wealth of other stuff to attend to as well.  Like a patio area in dire need of love.  Maybe yanking a crapload of weeds will encourage my muse.

On that one, Adios Compadres.  Have a great day and don’t forget to stretch your beautiful body.



this is a test

Man, I have a way with computers and all.  If you know me, you know it to be an understatement.

I made the mistake of logging out from my blog.  Then I couldn’t get in.  I messed around with it for way too much time.

so this is a test.  I refuse to spout negativity about retrieving passwords.  Y’all

But for fun, gonna see if I can post my first Video taken at ATI Physical Therapy-Riverside.  ATI posts social media, which is totally cool.  I saw a pretty decent headstand that they posted… but the very cool headstander I saw really popped out of headstand.  It was cool, but I would love to coach that guy.

I had to do *my* interpretation of headstand, some variations that are fun, and ALSO a nice controlled release from headstand. Coming out of a pose with control can be harder than going into it.

So, I hope that I can share it (whilst penning I am trying to download it).  Since I have had particularly bad luck with computers t’day, I am dubious.