Karmic Spank?

Been experiencing some powerful recollections of late.  Some super inspiring and life affirming.  Others thoughts are quite darker and harder to shake off.

My Father’s birthday was a few days ago.  His birth and death days have always been powerful emotional triggers.  I lost him when I was quite young.  Bucketloads of tears lost, some years not as painful as others thankfully.

Dad in his youth plus a family picture.

I recognize it is better to have a few true happy memories than experience a crapload of comfortable mistruths.   Sheesh, true dat – but hard to truly internalize, particularly when you are young.

Two nights ago I had an extremely vivid dream about Dad. I rarely recall dreams of him.  He does not manifest a physical form, I just know it is him.  This night he gave me stern comments about factors in my life that I need to address.  I agreed he was right and that I would try my best to listen.  I don’t care to elaborate our discussion.  That’s between Father and Daughter.

The following morning I took my dogs on a walk in the sandy desert. The Sandia mountain range was particularly beautiful.  Almost magical.

We encountered a car and I took the dogs up an embankment.  As we descended the Minions (dogs) zigged when I zagged.  I lost my balance and slam hit my sacrum.  It hurt.  After determining that I could feel my legs we turned back home.  It was unpleasant. I knew that my body was in shock and that things were probably going to hurt a hell of a lot more shortly.  I was right.

I’m convinced that on this auspicious day, Karma decided to spank me.  Hard. Sent me to my room for plenty of time to reflect on his words.

Problem is that I am still paying for the spank.  I couldn’t work yesterday.  I was given some freedom to be in the house.  Karma sent me to my yoga room for more reflection.

I feel much better today but still in Karmic dog house.  Much better but far from 100%. Walking is not horrible now.  Picking up light items from the floor still makes me grimace.  Thrashing on whether I can return to work today.  I did a test of getting into/out of car and it fucking hurt.  Manual therapy is physical work.  I know it would be best to take another day off from manual therapy.  I don’t want to let my co-workers down but I risk hurting myself further.

Perhaps the meditation that I’m about to embark on will direct me on what it is that I must do.  I am tired of fighting Universal Flow.  I want to listen to you Dad.  Please help me get out of Karmic DogHouse.




Personal Practice

I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday at Vivify Hot Yoga. I read from Bernie’s Your spine, Your Yoga and was motivated to do some poses that I haven’t done in some time.I am so grateful that I spent my Sunday afternoon fueling my soul. Plus I taught a Yin Class with a bunch of beautiful souls. It was such an honor.

Have a beautiful Monday! 💜



I haven’t felt inspired to blog lately. Too much going on lately.

It is difficult to meld my beliefs in Physical Therapy and the healing potential of Yoga.  It is hard to find the time for self-love

I hardly get on my mat and take a class. I’m blessed that I took an amazing class yesterday at my beloved studio, Vivify Hot Yoga NM.  Grateful that my husband joined me and we took our first duo picture in recent times.


Vivify’s IG challenge has started to stoke the embers of creativity.



Vivify – my Sanctuary

I am so fortunate to be part of the Vivify Yoga Family.  I found this studio about a month after moving to NM.  I wasn’t terribly happy about this move.  I knew no one, I had to leave my friends and family in WA behind.  Just me and me husband.  I knew it was the right choice.  But it was still a difficult transition – a new chapter in my life.

Finding Viv – I immediately made dear friends of like-minded interests.  Shortly thereafter I started teaching at this lovely studio.  I have grown a lot teaching at Viv.  Ditto for taking classes there.

I have been too busy to take yoga “selfies” of late.  I had the treat of having a long lunch at ATI – and I went to Viv to enjoy a little personal practice time. I felt so much more alive after taking time for my passion.

I hope you enjoy this smattering of shots.  I hope if you live in ABQ or RR that I can talk you into coming to one of my classes at Vivify Hot Yoga NM.  There are a ton of class options by a lot of other gifted instructors and a spectrum of Yoga Classes, many that aren’t Hot. Like my Yin classes and a class called “Genesis”, a foundational classes.

Upon the “Anniversary” of my Father’s Death

I can’t not cry watching the opening scene of Guardian’s of the Galaxy. We watched it last night for the billionth time.  I love GOG so much.  There is some solace, and the movie is so fucking awesome.

I relate to ever so much.  The things that I wish I would have said.  But hey, I was 12.  So I really should forgive myself.

I hate May 8th.  Words cannot express how I love and miss my Dad.  This year I attended a class on Yoga and Therapeutic Rehabilitation.  It was a really good day, I learned a lot. I am glad that I was able to distract myself all day with a topic I find interesting and exciting.

On that note, I am going to watch GOG2 for the 2nd time. I really liked it the first time I saw it.

Love to Cyberspace and my beloveds extra Love.

Give you love ones a hug!  🙂


Technology Hates Me (and vice versa!)

I do not know what the “aside” settings mean in WordPress, so this is a test of WTF.  if only I would read WP instructions.   This is a test. I thought maybe if I went from standard to “When I add a picture, like my Romeo below, I cannot figure out how to write text below the picture.  I swear, WP has grown more complicated than it used to be.   I am computer challenged and I end up avoiding posting due to all the issues I have now.  Meh.  It might be time to chat with tech support…


My Dearest Basenji, Romeo.



Ok, I guess I figure out that. But selecting new pictures has gotten wonky. I can easily post pictures already in my library, as per below. But going into my pictures on my Mac Photo program is simply fucked up.

So this is frustrating. And so is trying to remember how an image was created in the first place. I love this pix of yours truly but I cannot remember what program I was using.


I don’t expect anyone to even read this, consider it my rant to cyberspace.

Have a beautiful day cyberspace