Happy Holidays!

One goal for my time off is to make my blog so much better. I avoid posting because every time I do, I remember how much I dislike my blog’s format. But in interim, I am driven to post, to send blessings and wishes for peace and joy out to the universe. Love to ALL!


A fellow Yogi Nerd sent me a pretty awesome picture – a variation of Hanumanasana that I have never tried before.  

Hanuman Happens to be one of my favorite Hindu Gods.  Hanuman and Ganesha.  The power of their mythology.

The asana dedicated to Hanuman has always been one of my favorites.  So always fun to try a new one.  

Have a Blessed Day All!  


All tissues require stress.  You stretch cells in your body to change the factors they produce that will change your body with patience and dedication. 

Yin Yoga is one of my favorite ways to do so.  I believe it is best to practice yoga in a group setting in addition to a personal practice. Being in a group facilitates friendships, share group energy, gets you away from  your own distractions at home.  It doesn’t matter whether you are currently flexible or not. My classes are definitely all levels and all ages (early teens to 80 year olds thus far!).  The changes I see in the students are far reaching with dedication.

*I think* the most important goal of Yin Yoga is to practice being present and find peace within yourself.  Range of motion is huge too, and that will continue to increased with a dedicated practice. I won’t go into the myriad of benefits here. 

I teach Yin Yoga at Vivify Hot Yoga in Rio Rancho NM.  I would love to be part of your yoga journey.  The setting an ambient room with quiet music. I try to keep it light-hearted.  There is nothing to fear and much to be gained. Namaste,


Standing Bow with the Sandia mountains.  Not a Yin Pose, but Yin will facilitate this one if you feel so inclined.  


I am a super lucky spoiled lady. My husband buys me the cutest Hawks clothes! I want to wear these to Yin later, but I do try to wear more muted tones when I teach my Yin Classes. So I will just have to wear my new favorite gray Hawks Hoodie (not shown here).

I 💚💙💚 Yin. Would love to practice with you, 4 pm at Vivify Hot Yoga.

This Blog Blows.

I want ever so badly for it not to do that. Do a major blog overhaul….It is far easier to simply  post my art, for pictures are a thousand words, and Brevity, I heard, is the source of wit.  (I believe Shakespeare’s comments on the subject).

IMG_E5989But so busy trying to fit into my new world at ATI Physical Therapy, keep teaching my weekend classes.  Family obligations/concerns.  And last of all, getting on my own damn mat.  I have writer’s block, I am terrible at creating interesting and meaningful blog that highlights my current attempts deepen my teaching and practices.

As a relatively newbie Physical Therapist Assistant, I think of many ways that I can marry my two occupations for better pay (which I don’t like to make my focus, but c’mon, I gotta consider that, I’m 51 fucking years old).  I know I have a unique skill set to offer once I get my shit together.

I don’t think that I have the training to offer the creme de la creme of my beliefs on the human body and how yoga fits in. I know that times are hard, so if I can in some way bring rehabilitation and yoga into a system that is sustainable for me and family and yet set up the system for my beloved yogis to get their classes partially paid for my insurance.

But I have to leave it there  I gotta get ready for ATI. I am actually stoked, It is simply 4 in the morning and gotta get my Groove On.

One thing that is helping me consolidate my practice and teaching philosophy is jbrowygoa.com.  He is taking on topics I greatly enjoy. A great resource that I know is going go assist my process.

Namaste.  Have a great day, and stretch you beautiful body, if not fo a few minutes and breath.  Over and Out


Can’t distill it.

So many ideas to mull.  Sending thoughts to cyberspace is fun and sometimes pretty cathartic.  But I want to go much deeper with my blog.  So I have a lot to  alter/update/share and meld.  But I’ve got writer’s block and very little time to even process all the wonderful stuff manifesting in my life right now.
Painted in Waterlogue

The fire that destroyed my beloved Ashram this week weighs heavily on my heart.  The Ashram meant so much to me when I lived in Kirkland WA.  More than a 1000 classes taken, and many as an instructor there….I loved my Ashram Family so much.  Becoming a certified instructor there forever changed me.  I found my bestie there.  🙂  And that is tip of the iceberg on my feelings this tragic event have unlocked.  I hope that in short order I will create a montage of my Ashram days.

I am so glad that Gary and Claudia have their Bellevue studio while they regroup and build a new Eastside space.  Destruction of the studio has weighed heavily on my mind.

So I leave it there, although I wish I could sit here for awhile and contemplate my life at Vivify, my new job at ATI Physical Therapy, and the J.Brown yoga podcast revelations.  But I must get going. It is time  to don my PTA hat.

Have a great day Cyberspace









Ok, I dunno why today this works and yesterday it did not.

I love photography and I am encountering big issues in loading on my blog. It is maddening really.

Part of the issue is I cannot download new photos and videos to my computer. I think I gotta do a Genius Bar.