So Satisfying

I watched Grease last night. Husband out of town, perfect opportunity to indulge myself.  I found myself smiling the entire movie. And singing.  You betcha that a few of the songs in this movie will be on my next playlist.  I have a really good idea brewing in my brain.

How can this movie be 40 years old? 

Time flies.

My bday looms.  How the fuck can I nearly be 51?  I sure don’t feel like it… As least most of the time.  But then when I reflect all the experiences I have had, all the chapters of my life, I guess it add up.

Overall, my life has been good.  I sure wish I had made different choices along my journey, just like everyone.  But I made some really good ones, and I hope that I continue to do more of the latter!

So on a total tangent, I want to design a new business card. I would like to work with clients 1:1 for yoga, both people in orthopedic rehabilitation and those that are lucky to NOT need physical therapy at this time.  Something very Yin and very Yang.  I need to look through my wealth of pictures and select great pictures. This is daunting and THEN I have to pen bullet points on my yoga philosophy and why someone should want to work with me.  I would also love to give my blog a Yoga/Physical Therapy a major re-haul.  But that that is a lot, and therefore it is overwhelming and easy to procrastinate!!!

Since there is a wealth of other stuff to deal with in life, I certainly can even justify this procrastination.   There is a wealth of other stuff to attend to as well.  Like a patio area in dire need of love.  Maybe yanking a crapload of weeds will encourage my muse.

On that one, Adios Compadres.  Have a great day and don’t forget to stretch your beautiful body.



this is a test

Man, I have a way with computers and all.  If you know me, you know it to be an understatement.

I made the mistake of logging out from my blog.  Then I couldn’t get in.  I messed around with it for way too much time.

so this is a test.  I refuse to spout negativity about retrieving passwords.  Y’all

But for fun, gonna see if I can post my first Video taken at ATI Physical Therapy-Riverside.  ATI posts social media, which is totally cool.  I saw a pretty decent headstand that they posted… but the very cool headstander I saw really popped out of headstand.  It was cool, but I would love to coach that guy.

I had to do *my* interpretation of headstand, some variations that are fun, and ALSO a nice controlled release from headstand. Coming out of a pose with control can be harder than going into it.

So, I hope that I can share it (whilst penning I am trying to download it).  Since I have had particularly bad luck with computers t’day, I am dubious.






Yoga Fix!

I managed to run a few errands this morning before work, and that is gratifying, but I was jonesing for some yoga… so parking lot yoga was my option. It was only 10 am, but holy hell it was already super hot. I had about 3 min before my mat started getting hot.

I love my job. I do however miss having the time to get on my mat more.

Speaking of which, break is over!

Duo Yoga. So much fun!

I have been so f-ing busy that I haven’t blogged in a long time.

Things are in general going quite well, but a new job, however cool it may be, is still time consuming and ego-breaking.  I hate having to ask a bazillion questions. The documentation software that ATI uses is actually quite robust, but it is really hard for this somewhat old dog to learn new tricks.  But I will succeed!

Speaking of learning anew, Harlan and I can now resume our delving into duo yoga. We had to go on hiatus for a few months since he broke a rib.  WE WERE NOT PRACTICING DUO WHEN HE FRACTURED HIS RIB, JUST AN UNFORTUNATE FALL 😦  

So watch out world!  This stuff is way too fun.  Trust is required 🙂

So Happy Monday All. Love and Light into Cyberspace .



Genius Bar – I will darken your doorstep

I used to be able to easily upload images from my library onto this site.  Now I have to create a folder from my library and drag into my draft.  I spent the past hour with WP tech support, a very nice person…. but we could not figure it out.  So I have decided that the wonderful Genius Bar Staff are going to have to help me.

I do like the people at the genius bar.  I can usually sneak in a bunch of unrelated questions…But I sure would rather be inverting….


I quit my job and while I’m glad….

I have worked in an assisted living and home healthcare service for the past two months. I have met some incredible people.  But I am not of the cloth that can be in such settings.  The poverty is downright depressing and sad.  I sure hope I never end up in a dementia ward!!!  The facilities are nice.  My co-workers were super.  I didn’t get to know them well because I was “out in the field”.  I wish them all the best.  But man, that work is rough.

I am meant to get back into my fascination of the myofascia.  Inspired by the thought of working in outpatient again. I want to learn a whole lot more about soft tissue massage/trigger points/sneaking in a little yoga bug into the clients when I can.

Life smiled upon me.  I will start in a month at such a clinic, starting in a month.  My  2 week notice offer  has been turned down, so for glorious month I am unemployed.  Kind of a swirl of my reality.  The big changes in the course of life contain major forks in the road.  I have a lot of trouble making those transitions, even when they get me on to bigger and better things….. The big forks in the road….those are scary.  It’s gonna be a good month, I just know it.