I’m a Gumby :)

Boy am I appreciative of my range of motion.  I try my best to inspire in my students the belief that they can gain huge amounts of range of motion if they are diligent and patient.  But I do feel for those that feel like this.  I wish I could sprinkle stretchy fairy dust on each and every student.  Alas, it is a step by step process.  Believe in your bendy potential!



Towards that thought. I teach Yin Yoga classes at Vivify Hot Yoga NM.  vivifynm.com. I love Yin.  I  keep my classes meditative, laid back, safe, and effective.  Un-heated room by the way. No judgements, just amazement at all the things that even a tin man can currently do 🙂 while working on chipping away at tension.  Practicing being fully present.  I

My Yin schedule at Vivify:

  • Wednesdays 12 noon – but I’m going to transfer this class to another talented teacher as I am now working as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  
  • Saturdays 12:30 p.m.
  • Sundays 4 p.m.

I also teach 2 Hot Vibe Style Yoga classes:

  • Fridays 5:30 p.m.
  • Saturdays 9:30 a.m.



After 2 years of being without a salary, changing careers entirely (meaning back to school as a “mature” student…. I am about to finally embark on my career as a Physical Therapist Assistant!  I have been blessed to find a wonderful outpatient PT clinic in Santa Fe to start at next week!

So grateful and inspired.

It will require changing my yoga teaching schedule just a bit, and I wish that wasn’t the case, but until I win the lottery or something, I really can’t rely on yoga instruction to pay for the roof over my head.  I don’t like to camp in general, so suffice to say I’m pretty attached to the idea of living indoors, replete with roof, heat, running water, electricity…. I respect those who go for the mini-house approach, but that ain’t happening either.

PLUS, I really love Physical Therapy!  I love the potential to blend PT and Yoga into some form of a Yoga Therapy Career.  I feel incredibly inspired with the next chapter of my life. This is the best turning 50 years old next week present I could hope for (ok, that lottery would be okay too…)

The Desert is pretty cool

I never in a billion years thought that I would end up living in the High Desert in NM.  That just wasn’t on my radar.  I *almost*/maybe possibly could have lived in AZ part time in at one point in my life part.  Man, I still regret that didn’t happen.  that was the end of a beautiful chapter of my life, one that I never wanted to end.  Karma probably intervened.  If we indeed experience sequential lives, with life loops of similar theme, until we learn differently and get to move on….. Well, I think one of mine might be PollyAnna. Maybe I should meditate on this 🙂

I’m clearly feeling philosophical (definitely relates to turning the big 5-0 in just a few weeks.  That is surreal. I don’t feel 50.  I can’t help but reflect back on the chapters of my life.  So many regrets along the way.  Past loves.  Past plans that didn’t materialize that sure would have been awesome.  I sure didn’t foresee some of the chapters!

I’ll say the book of my life is net good, but boy how I still yearn to re-write some of my chapters.  I can’t elaborate further.  Suffice to say I have had a myriad of experiences that could make for an interesting read.  Some situations are simply way way way too private.  Too sad for me to write about.  I reckon a lot of people feel that way.

20/20 Hindsight.  A strong desire to make better choices. To remember that where you go, there you are.

Anyways.  Enough being wistful.  I do feel better saying THAT much to cyberspace.

Yesterday Lucien lured me out into the yard next to our solar panels. The sand felt awesome on my feet and the majesty of the Sandias warmed my soul.  It took some time to fall in love with the desert. I  was very homesick for the PacNW.  Returning to NM made me realize that this IS my home now, and I think it is a beautiful place with the most amazing folks.  So although being here was never on my bucket list, I am at peace with where the wind has blown me.


Feeling very hopeful for a PTA opportunity to manifest very shortly. It will be so awesome to get back to what I’ve trained for 20 months. I am so glad to be out of school, but I long to get back to clinic before I get rusty.  Can’t wait for this chapter to begin.

Namaste All.  Be sure to honor your body and do a few stretches.  Adopt an unusual position, sink into it and let that creativity permeate all aspects of *your * book.  I’m convinced of the importance of constancy when it comes to stretching the body’s tissues effectively.  I promise you that I will too 🙂


It’s your journey, I only the suggestion box.

I have a 99%love of teaching Yoga. There is 1% sadness I can't sprinkle Yoga Uberasana poses on peeps from the straightaway. Just doesn't work that way. I'm always honored to be the tour guide, to be certain!!!

I love multi-level classes. But super important to me, as the teacher, that students feel free to do their advanced interpretation of each and every pose:

Fascial Geeking Out, Pt II

So I didn’t have a whole lot of time yesterday to read my books about the Fascia, which I have decided is the target goal of my PTA career.  Myofascial therapy is fascinating.  I really hope that the clinic I work at will be give me the opportunity to hone my myofascial/manual therapy techniques.

The fascia is also most fascinating to me in terms of Yin Yoga.  I *always* at least mention the effect Yin Yoga can influence the connective tissues, and thereby the body itself.  There are so many yoga poses that in essence perform self-release technique! I want my students to have a deeper understanding of their own bodies.  But since there is so much more to Yin – and I don’t want the students to get too left-brained during class. So I try to just pepper it in.

More and more research is being reported these days on what some call the “Cinderalla” tissue.  I love these tensegrity models.  These models can hold their shape, whereas bones in a skeleton model are held together with wire.

I intend to make the Fascia an important part of my blog. I think I’ve found my Niche.  I intend to expound on current research and up to date findings – in a different blog.

Right now I’ll just say this.  I know from a personal perspective that my range of motion improvements affect my every movement and I have a feeling of general ease.  I see the students’ bodies change over time, much to their surprise.  I see a lot of students come to love their Yin practice and its effects.  So it isn’t just me that thinks we are onto something.

A major aspect to Yin Yoga is the fascia and other connective tissues. Our bones can’t hold us upright due to compressive forces – Our tissues are a crucial tying together of our form and dispersion of compressive forces. This is only one aspect of the Yin approach, and I will expound upon Yin philosophy but that is a big topic and there is . There is much to do today – 2 classes to teach – household crap – and preparing for my Lululemon class tomorrow in the Park tomorrow.  This experience will broaden my teaching scope a lot. Park yoga is a lot different than controlled environment/flat floor of Vivify.



Happily Geeking Out

I have discovered, much to my pleasant surprise, that I actually LOVE reading about the Fascial network and how it intertwines with the better recognized musculoskeletal system  It’s all Tensegrity baby.

Huh? What’s that?  Super awesome question.  Right now I’m still gathering my information to adequately verbalize it at the level I get it.

I *am* a scientist, even if I have sort of turned my back on my title, I DO have a doctorate in the biological sciences.  I worked really f-ing hard to pull that off!  And now I’ve got an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy Assistance (NOT TO MENTION I AM ACTUALLY LICENSED TO PRACTICE THAT UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF A PHYSICAL THERAPIST!).  Still getting used to that last phrase and feeling confident that I’ve spent countless hours considering how the human body function properly (or not!)

But back to Tensegrity Baby.  I’ve always had an appreciation for the power of a good long stretch, even as a youngster. And I am blessed with a naturally (extremely) flexible body that has gotten more flexible over the years thanks to 17 years of spending thousands (not kidding) hours on my Manduka yoga mat coupled with years of yoga teaching.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be a yoga instructor/yoga geek.  With notable Western Institutions publishing evidence based research on the powers of Yoga, mindfulness, and healthy fascia….. Wow. Western philosophy simply has to connect with the East, even if the naysayers will that I’m suggesting satanic worship, which is simply not the case.

There is a part of me that even feels compelled to write a research grant (not quite there yet, lemme heal from being in school). While I waffle on the grant writing idea AT THIS POINT, the more time I research connective tissues, the more confident I become on touting the findings of others and what I’ve just personally experienced in my own body and what I see happening with my fellow yogis.  In an increasingly insane world, reliant on the easy fixes… I am increasingly empowered.


I’ll be revisiting these issues.  I 100% believe that a huge part of the study of the human body has been tossed into the biohazard bin, with the assumption that it (fascia/connective tissues) is simply the bubble wrap on the musculoskeletal system. And of course, the Msk system is an enormous component of our locomotion system.  But let’s not be that reductionist- and consider that the huge amount of tissue that’s historically been thrown into the biotrash bin warrants a WHOLE lot more thought.