Holiday Preps

I have done very few.  My kiddos were always the inspiration to decorate (hell, Naomi was 100% in charge of the tree).  No kiddos coming to visit, so minimal decorations.  I’d love to have a big tree, but Lucien (Moose) would manage to topple it and eat every ornament on it in the blink of an eye.  We’ve gotten a couple of cute little trees embedded with LED lights that are sufficing quite nicely.

I miss blogging.  Procrastination; I really want to overhaul this site, sexy it up. Darn job that sucks my energy dry! (actually I am A.O.K. with my job.  It just takes up a lot of time!!!  But I would love to start focusing on Fusion of Yoga with Physical Therapy.  I need to get a whole lot more educated on how to effectively do so first! 🙂

I also miss getting on my mat on the reg.  I would probably just not practice asana at all these days if not for my classes.  At least I ever so now and then HAVE to take a few photos but I sure wish I’d get back into a semblance of a daily routine on my mat.


Getting Sick Sucks

I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday.  I wasn’t feeling 100% but I taught two classes, helped move a sofa, etc…. But overnight the Virus from Hell attacked me.  I was supposed to work today.  I was tried very hard to rally myself to go,  But I just **couldn’t** find the energy to stand up. Harlan said he thought I should stay home.  He’s pretty smart when it comes to illness, being an M.D., so I do try to listen.

Man, I am glad that I listened to him.  I might have made it to SF by the time the worst of it hit, but I know I wouldn’t been capable of working nor driving today and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to drive.  I’m a bit better now, but standing up makes me dizzy and writing this has made me want to shut my eyes.  😦

Yesterday was far more fun.  New furniture and Super Fun yoga classes.  What a difference 24 h makes.  So I’m hoping that also holds for tomorrow and that I can return to regularly schedule program of My Life.  Not cool to be getting sick as a new employee.

On a Happier Note,  we got a new comfy living room chair.  I love our Basenjis so much, but I will really want to throttle them if they mess with it. All of them are amazing. I love each and every one for their very unique personalities.  But our Minions get into trouble when they are left alone.  Here is their Intro to the chair, and the ever elusive husband.

Sometimes you gotta get dirty

It was **so* beautiful in the yard yesterday, We have some landscaping but a large majority of our acre is sand and desert plants.  I love walking barefoot in the sand, but tend to shy away from performing asana in the sand.

1) Asana in sand is a lot harder than on a mat

2) I was resist getting sandy.

But it was the kind of day, and of course it is almost November and days like this are numbered.  🙂  So I simply HAD to play in the sand.  I first worked on various arm balances, fun, and was soon very sandy.  (Oh well ). Then I decided that maybe a wheel drop back would be a nice change of pace.  Heart opening in the sunshine, rather delirious that a work review that was supposed to day has been postponed for a week.  I dread review, I have been emotionally scarred in the past. I won’t point fingers, but I HATED THOSE FUCKING MEETINGS WITH A PARTICULAR MANAGER.

But back to being deliriously happy to have dodged a bullet, at least for a week.

Once I got dirty, I just went nuts and had a lot of fun. The dogs were with me, wondering why I do the things that I do.

And of course the Basenjis…


Happy Monday!

Weekends go so fast.  I’m pretty much healed from my wisdom teeth extractions last week and I was able to participate in my Yoga classes Friday thru Sunday.  I really live to teach my classes (apart from my family of course).  But this chick’s quads are SORE! I love that feeling. Maybe I’m weird that way, but bring it on! 🙂

Now I need to wrestle with my messed up Gmail account. Why must computers hate me so much?  Today’s picture is Mr Lucien, the puppy who decided to pee in the bedroom last night.  Good thing I love this critter as much as I do. I know he is trying.  He is pretty reliable now .But dude, it really sucks to be cleaning carpet at 1 a.m.



This was my favorite picture from Sunday



WordPress!!!! Dammit!!!

Man!!!  I just wrote the most amazing of manifestos, the most brilliant life philosophy from a yogini/PTA that possesses Ph.D in Bacteriology.. I assure you, you would have enjoyed my best essay on life; eloquent, concise, and fucking hilarious….But Google quit unsuspectedly, and said manifesto is trapped in a draft that I can’t access.

Oh Well

How I wanted to vent about how much the extraction of teeth is a painful process, even when it goes as straightforward.  But the humor in it  God I can be fucking hilarious sometimes!

Time to move on.

So, today will involve my first Adho Mukha Svanasana that I have done in a week.  How I adore DFD, but with healing sites of oral extraction, I have intuitively avoided inversions of any kind.  Boy, I need them.  So I’m seriously anticipating my first one, later today when I teach.  I sure wish I could FF to that period in time that I do.  But alas, I will do the Santa Fe Adventure first, and hope that I don’t have any moron moves.  Time will Tell. I know my performance is steadily improving. Many people whom I thoroughly respect have assured me that it takes time to fully integrate into a new job.

Giving my mouth time to heal is one justification that I haven’t taken a class (life in the way) nor simply getting on my mat and getting a groove on.  Hydrocodone make me so fucking tired.  I do enjoy some of the side effects.  But I’m back to work now.  Motrin will suffice.  And I will teach tonight and get back my mojo.

And on a Great Note, my sincere offering to Nataraj has improved quite a bit.  One of the most Beautiful of Poses.  Here is a snippet.  Namaste.