Durango CO is so beautiful

But I haven’t taken a whole of pictures.  Just enjoying it for a change I guess.  We are here for a wedding – today – and I am really excited.  I love the Bride, she is an amazing woman and she is one of the reasons I didn’t quit Pima, when I wanted to so many times.  I am grateful that I am a licensed PTA now and for my special classmates who kept me on track.

It has been lovely to be alone with my husband a little break from the Basenjis.  We love them so very much, but a little pet free time is nice.  Particularly when one of the pack is going through his adolescence and is constantly into trouble.

I did a little morning practice on the porch of the cute condo we are staying in, which I dedicated the everlasting love of the Bride and Groom. I do wish them the best marriage ever.  🙂  Namaste.

Yinny yoga. How I love you….


I spent so much time making the above flyer.  I have so many yoga pictures. I have to figure out how to manage them all!  I also thrashed on what pictures to use to convey my version of Yin.  I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential when one balances their Yang and Yin practices.  I love teaching Yin and want to build a strong Yin program at Vivify. As I gain experience as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I intend to inject my ever-expanding insights into deepening into poses.  I have my homework to do!

There are other issues that contributed to me spending far too much time on this flyer.  First, I am absolutely Lame when it comes to Canva.  If you know me, you know that I am electronically-challenged. Getting better, but at a glacial speed.  Additionally, I have a ton of yoga pictures.  Over 12,000 at this point. I have to figure out a way to sort them or I may go bonkers!  I realized in my quest that I have shitloads of Yang poses, but darn few Yinny photos that aren’t going to immediately scare potential students.   I will have to remedy that, for I love my Yin classes.

I will embrace my inner Gumby Goddess – and try to invent magical fairy flexibility dust that I could sprinkle on my beloved students 🙂



One of my favorite yoga postures – Wheel Pose/Urdhva dhanurasana

I taught 3 yoga classes back to back yesterday. I  really had a lot of fun doing so. Especially as they were all different styles – Hot/Sweaty, Gentle Foundational and Yin.  I got to see so many of my tribe.  I met some new and cool people. I’m so grateful to teach at Vivify.  I was extremely exhausted afterwards, but in a really good way.

Teaching Yin again today at 4 p.m.  Really looking forward to it  🙂


I am also grateful to be working at Therapy Solutions in NM.  The commute to Santa Fe is a little long, but it is a gorgeous drive and it is cool to get to know more about Santa Fe.  I have much sight-seeing I want to do, but in good time. I’ve got a lot going on, and after work, I’m pretty tired after work, it is a super busy place and I feel like such a newbie it bums me out!  But I’ll get the hang of things and I love how Physical Therapy and my Yoga practice is fusing into where I want my career to go. I want to work with people of all ages, and help them to rehabilitate and hopefully catch the yoga bug.  Getting to know more about rehab makes me a much better yoga teacher.  I love where this is going in my life.

There is a rest area near Santa Fe that I have “had” to stop at en route to work. The sun is just rising over the mountain range and I’ve been cooped up in a car.  So of course I’m using this incredible backdrop for some yoga photography 🙂


Donald Trump is a big nasty narcissistic lying Toad-Man.

Week 2 at Therapy Solutions underway. I have a whole  lot to do to get up to speed. I am highly motivated.

I had great plans to study last night, but the “Fake News” like Hurricane Harvey and Russian collusion sort of sucked me in last night.  I was also simply exhausted from trying to absorb a whole lot of information.

Please do understand that I am being facetious about FAKE NEWS and AlTERNATIVE FACTS.   There is a lot of bullshit media sources  but I honestly believe in numerous credible sources.. The Lies and actions of 45 truly frighten me and I firmly believe that he needs psychiatric testing.  I do not believe that he is fit for Office. I’m confident that corruption runs extremely deep in this presidency.  I want him to be removed from office.

The lack of action by the House/Senate to get him out of office really baffles me.  Grow a damn spine and do what is right and stop refusing to cross political lines.  This Presidency is dangerous for our country and removing him as soon as possible should be a bipartisan emergency.  Mike Pence is super scary alternative, but Donald Trump makes my skin crawl.  So I would just LOVE for Donald Trump to be removed from office in disgrace and hopefully fade into relative obscurity (prison would be nice!).

I think it might be time for me to take a much deserved break from the media. Apart from John Oliver, I am hooked on watching him.