Orange Tweeter is such an AssHat!

Ok, got that off my chest.

I had the best day teaching yoga at Vivify today.  So many dear friends, devoted yogi, students I’m getting to know and love, and yogis that I’ve just now met.  For the yogis I know – to see your progress is so very inspiring.  I love getting to know you better, trying out how I can best help you attain a pose, and watching you blossom in your personal practice.

For example, these lovely ladies.  I am so glad to have met you all. You really are a-f’ing-amazing


Here are a few pictures that I took yesterday before the 5:30 pm class.  I better leave it there…. It is dinner time!  Namaste!

Dog Day Afternoon

[Let’s just say this straightaway- another day of not studying for the PTA boards whatsoever]

Sooooo…. A kazillion (hyperbole) of house-hold to-do items have accrued during my time as a PTA student. In general from our move to NM two years ago.  I have been plugging away at this list since wrapping up school.  Chipping away at the iceberg from hell (back to hyperbole). I’d sure like to have more to show for my efforts, but I am a teensy bit pleased with what I’m getting done, albeit at glacial speed.  Up until now, I have been able to justify lack of studying based on said accomplishments.  But the list now getting down to items involving power tools 😦 😦 😦

So, the thing is…. I am absolutely utterly useless when it comes to power tools. Comparatively speaking, I am a self professed computer whiz-geek-genius.   (To those of you who truly know me, please stop laughing too hard lest you choke!).  We all have our natural talents, and mine assuredly involve my yoga mat and not home fixits.  Not to throw anyone under the bus here, but I’m unaware of any of the occupants of this house being so inclined.

Here is what I got from the Basenjis regarding home improvement.


So I have acquired the assistance of professionals to knock a crap-load of stuff off the list. With any luck, I’ll have a dozen of items off the house to-do list in short order!  I will have even less of an excuse to not study. 🙂

The weather has truly been awesome the past few days.  Have been pretty circumspect about taking yoga shots – but I did just get a new tripod which virtually guarantees an increase in photos. But today, I’ll just leave it at this.  Now it is time to refine the home to do list, I am expecting someone to install a ceiling fan shortly (something that NO ONE WOULD EVER WANT ME TO DO!)








I **gotta** start studying!

In theory, July 6th sounds very far away.  It is easy, and I am guilty of this today, and pretty much most days since school ended, to think “I’ll start studying in earnest…..tomorrow.”  Can’t lie, and this point, at 6 p.m. it is pretty pointless for me to commence today.  Nope.  This kid goes to bed between 8 and 9 pm, because she is that L-A-M-E.  But smart enough to know that any attempt at this point to study is counterproductive as hell, I will only end up having trouble sleeping later tonight.

I am what I am.  I have every reason to believe that I *will* wake up, without fail, by 4:30, irrespective of when I go to bed.  That is just how my body works these days (always subject to change).  For most of my young adult life I was a major night owl that could sleep later if need be.  Then  I fought with major bouts of insomnia where I only got a few hours a sleep a night… and feel grateful I got that much.  I’m glad that I’ve found a semblance of balance going to bed ridiculously early and managing to get 6ish hours of sleep, assuming my shoulder allows it.

So meh, I am going to enjoy NOT studying tonight, for the hopes of a good night’s sleep.  I have all day tomorrow to study – and dang it, I am going to try my best to do just that.


A loss for words

I miss blogging.  Most of my thoughts of late have been of classified material.  Not for the government, but nothing I feel like sharing with cyberspace.  Plus, I’ve been pretty busy catching up with boring sh*t around the house, things that have piled up since I started school.

God, I’m glad to be done with school.

I’m also having issues with my new blog style on WordPress.  There are a lot of things I’d like to change about it.  My goal is to make this more about How-To Asanas – the Hows and Whys. How I’m masterminding a plan to fuse my Physical Therapy Assistant Training with being the Best Yoga Instructor I can be. I will try and chip away at that, time permitting.

Oh, and there is that pesky puppy issue.  Now that there are 3 Basenjis ruling my life, and one is a adorable and cuddle-bug puppy…. I’ve got a baby in the house and much less gets done when that happens, right?

Here are a few pictures of Lucien’s first photobomb of my yoga shots. I really haven’t felt inspired to practice much in the house of late, so he really hasn’t seen me get upside down.  Romeo and Zena are rather bored by it at this point.  But I need to make more of a point of practicing in my little studio, it always makes me happy to do so!

Weekend Teaching Schedule at

Written Saturday April 29th

9:30 a.m. Hot Flow – and in the mood for some heart openers, for ex.  But don’t worry, you do NOT need to do a drop-back, or even a wheel if that isn’t in your practice. I will offer plenty of other options for you to choose 🙂


Yin – Today 12:30 pm. and and tomorrow at 4 p.m. Your body would be most appreciative!

Yin is chill.  I’m not suggesting that it isn’t challenging.  It’s a style of practice that draws you within while maintaining long holds of seated and recumbent postures held for time.  You will not break a sweat and is truly an all-levels class.  Yin changes range of motion and facilitates being in the present moment and trying to let all the sh*t go. My students usually report feeling extremely relaxed after Yin. I love teaching Yin.  


Apart from teaching yoga, I am PROMISING myself to study a lot.  Have a PTA job interview on Monday, it would be nice to not look too stupid. But the phone interview and the clinic, at least via website looks really cool.  Fingers crossed!



Live Music at my class today!

I am teaching Yin at 2 p.m. today at Vivify instead of usual 4 pm this week.  We are having a benefit class for Autism Awareness Month – with proceeds going to Pathways Academy. I know many families that are affected by Autism – it is incredibly sad.  So if I can be a part of Awareness in even the teeniest of bits….. I am most honored!

We are going to be blessed with live chill music today for both classes.  I have never taught with live vibration, I know it will be a great experience.   And a real treat for the students, cuz Dean is supposed to be AWESOME.