Waking up

I slept like a ROCK last night, which is a pleasant surprise for me, I usually wake up several times during the night.  So I am most grateful – yet still having trouble waking up.  So I did a little personal practice and here are my favorite stills.  I’m going to attempt to add the video clips, but I’ll be at the mercy of youtube.




On the importance of cover letters

Well, now that I have been granted to practice as a Physical Therapy Assistant in the State of NM, I need to look for a job. 🙂  And I’m keen to get back to the clinic, I really enjoy clinic.  And I really enjoy a salary.

Pretty excited to get my certificate in the mail!


I’ve made a a bit of headway on updating my resume on LinkedIn and Indeed.  Today I want to take on more job search sites.

I applied for a job in Bernalillo yesterday. I will aim for 2 applications today.  Writing cover letters is really difficult for me! Lucky I’m fairy pleased with my resume itself.

I plan to review the Board questions today – they have released them and I certainly want to know what the true answers were on the questions that I had incorrect. I want to be a super-PTA,  I’ve promised myself I will continue to study orthopedics/anatomy and of course yoga asana while I find that dream PTA job!

I’ve also stumbled upon a really good photo edit app – called Enlight.  It looks pretty neat.  I am dubious I’ll ever figure out the really cool stuff but why not try?  A 2 minute youtube video helped me figure this out.  So I’ll be definitely be watching more tutorials.



Thanks in Advance Universe 🙂



I really like organization. But if things get too out of hand, I sometimes procrastinate because I am overwhelmed. A LOT of things piled up during the 2 years I was in school. Since graduating in April, I have taken on a lot of tasks, but mostly the raging fires.  Because studying for the Boards was a lot of work.  So I’m still super disorganized in many regards. But I just organized my gmail inbox and I am really happy I finally did it.

I am also really happy to be teaching Yin in a few hours.  Unheated, stretchy, and calming. Yin is crucial, not just for one’s yoga performance, but for simply improving range of motion and letting the nervous system relax, just for starters.  If you aren’t flexible that is COOL!  Don’t be shy, my Yin classes are very laid-back and no judgements whatsoever.


Thank You Higher Powers

I got the most lovely news yesterday.  I passed my Boards. Now I can practice as a bona fide PTA.  I will be most happy to not have to introduce myself as a student PTA!!!


I am so relieved.  I can officially practice all that I’ve learned.  School itself was an ordeal.  I was happy in clinic, so I kept going, knowing eventually I’d be in a clinic and actually get paid!

The past few months have been so stressful studying and just having a general DREAD hanging over my head.  Now I can read my fascia books guilt free. Because I want to really gain a deeper appreciation of that. I don’t want to memorize numbers for a multitude of e-stims.  I’ve set up a kazillion e-stims, I understand the philosophy of the different types…. but memorizing numbers have never been a strength, until I’ve done something a few times.  Then I’ll remember the parameters.  On the machines that I’m actually going to work on.


The fascia is gaining a lot of appreciation as being a true sense – like taste, touch, etc.  It is proprioceptive – giving our positional sense in space.  Anatomy has historically been pretty reductionist and for a long time the fascia was scraped off a cadaver and discarded without thought. But there is a growing number of studies indicating the importance of the fascia and the connective tissues of our body as huge players in the task of keeping us together, physically and mentally.

I think what information we have thus far on these tissues/structures is quickly becoming fascinating and even convincing for Westerners. I’m convinced we only see the tip of the iceberg.  That is pretty cool and I honestly look forward to geeking out on it.

I think I see one topic that I’ll be expanding upon here in my blog. I don’t want it to be all about pictures of yoga poses.  I really want to make it an informative but super fun page.  Just computer challenged and have been, I repeat BEEN, in school. I will also certainly expand on video clips on my tips for getting into poses – starting foundational and progressing tips.  So I welcome any suggestions!

Still in shock that I’ve gotten my license.  Even though I know I worked my ass off and deserve it, I still am catching my breath.