Thank You Higher Powers

After nearly choking to death with stress, I just found out that I passed my board exam.  After a few little details, I will be an officially licensed. PTA.  I am literally sitting in a Starbucks with tears of relief. This process definitely triggered stressors from my Ph.D. dissertation.

I am most grateful.  Still a little shell-shocked, but super grateful.

Guess it is time to look for a job

Namaste All.


So fucking stressed I could scream

Waiting for my results of the National Boards for becoming a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.   Quite a few of my classmates heard yesterday that they passed, and I’m so happy for them.  Yet at the same time, I am going crazy not knowing. I slept like crap knowing that I’m about to get either really great news or something not so great whatsoever.  I did NOT feel good about the exam upon exit, but I know I am devoted to becoming a great PTA. I*WILL* get savvy in the conditions commonly seen an orthopedic setting (I really don’t want to work in an acute care or retirement home).  But I really need this license so I can move on with life and get said job.  It has been icky not making a contribution to the bank account

Some fun pictures from yesterday. I sort of love the cloud formations in these shots.  Namaste and blessings dear reader.


“churching it up”

Something a dear co-worker used to say about fancying something up.  A very insightful guy, that phrase, along with the infamous “snee-pee”…. (but I digress).

I changed my blog template a bit back and I really didn’t like it. But I didn’t have the time to look for a better one, so I procrastinated.  Blogging wasn’t as much fun.  The things I want to be able to do exceed my limited capacity with electronics in the first place.  And studying for the Boards took precedence over my silly little blog.

But with the Boards over, and with 5-10 business days to find out the results, I have time to guilt-free do my best to Church things up.  I’ve never been satisfied with the content of my posts.  Way too superficial, but again, technological-challenged me can only figure out so much.  🙂

But I’ve stumbled upon a new theme that I think has me feeling inspired

I’ll leave it there, I’m teaching Yin at Vivify at 4 pm today.  Come and stretch with me, you will be glad you did! Remember, flexibility is not required at yoga – but you will gain range of motion if you are patient and dedicated to the process.  Self-limiting thoughts blow.


New Theme

I really wasn’t grooving on my last WordPress Theme.  I think that this one might be more my style.  I just wish I had my son around (for many reasons)…He would be able to make this exactly what I want. But this can be for starters.