Lotus Swan Snippet

First time attempting to blog a video directly, not going through youtube.  It’s kind of cute but I wish I had some music playing or something!!!  Anyways, here it is… I’m already thinking of a billion ways to improve on this.  Quite shaky push up, but hey!  It was like 5:45 a..m and I hadn’t stretched out 🙂 🙂 🙂  Thank heavens for access to a Hot Yoga Room!

Side crow celebration

What a soggy drive to work. Bounced out of the car, so happy to stretch. Looks like we’ll be going to Albuquerque next week to finalize house purchase, I hope the weather there is nicer.  I love Seattle very much but I won’t miss the rain.  I don’t think, anyways.  Just the people and The Ashram.  🙂


Day 28 of #letsgetflexy

Happy Tuesday to you.  Today’s asana is one of my all time favorites – handstand splits. Thank you Susantha for taking the shot. In fact, he gets credit for the majority of #letsgetflexy shots now that I think of it.  You are the best Susantha!! 🙂


The above shot was taken with my iPHONE4.  I’m just transitioning to my iPHONE6 – here I’m in the basement garage at IDRI doing crow pose for a fun #strikeapose challenge.  I’m pleased with the crispness of the shot given that it is rather dim lighting:


I have made an upgrade on WordPress so that I should be able to upload video and I’m super excited to do so.  I just can’t figure out how!!!  Nor can I upload pictures onto WordPress from my iPHONE6, which totally pisses me off.  I had no problem doing so with the 4G.  😦  Hopefully these glitches will disappear soon, I’d really like to share video content easily, and going through youtube is sort of a pain.

Time to meditate!  I’m going to think of my happy place (the house we are buying, below) as I settle in.  It looks like closing will occur by Nov 7th.  I am so excited for this adventure (and scared to death).


#letsgetflexy Day 27

Pretty sore from the first weekend of teacher training at The Ashram – so this shot took some warming up prior to Davin’s 6:15 a.m. Power Class.  (what a great class it was).

Sure have enjoyed this challenge.  Nearly over!!!  I don’t expect to win anything but I sure would love it 🙂

day 27 letsgetflexy

Monday, Monday :)

It was a fantastic weekend FILLED with yoga due to teacher training weekend 1.  I learned so much, had a great time.  As an instructor I didn’t have to physically participate in the majority of the asana, just oversee it.  I’m plenty sore as is – I can only imagine how the students are feeling.

Here are a few pictures taken prior to class using my new iPHONE6 🙂 I think the resolution is better than the old phone,  It is one of those really big ones cuz I am an old lady with aging eyes.


TIme to meditate and get ready for class at 6:15 a.m .

Teacher Training Week 1 – Sunday

Wow, yesterday was a 10-6 p.m. yoga fest.  Totally immersed in either meditation or asana practice.  The time flew!  Gary broke down the first half of the Power Yoga sequence and pointed out crucial alingnment principles, common mistakes and how to adjust.  Then the teachers (self included) worked with 3 students and they performed the asanas while I corrected them.  Tons of fun.  Today there will be a posture clinic where real students come in and the teacher trainees do the adjustments.  I will quietly listen and pipe in only when necessary.  I love it! It should be an awesome experience.

Here’s #letsgetflexy Day 26.  I’m not so sure if dropbacks are the best idea but they are fun nonetheless. 🙂


Teacher training weekend 1

Sad, I wasn’t feeling well yesterday afternoon so I didn’t participate in first teacher training session 😦  I was in bed before 8 p.m., slept well, feeling much better. Looking forward to a yoga filled weekend! We start at 10 with Gary’s Power class and then will be doing posture clinics, discussing the basic power sequence, etc.  I am eager to get going, very disappointed I missed lats night (Gotta let that go).

Here’s the shot of day for #letsgetflexy.  Standing Bow – Natarajasana which I consider a quintessential yoga pose.  I certainly have to warm up to do it – and focused on my drishti (mindless gazing point, in this case I’m projecting straight ahead from my third eye).  Using a mirror really helps.


It is much easier to grasp the kicking leg with one arm like this:

MY Day29v2IMG_6530

Time to meditate!  Blessings.