Yin Yoga Musings 4-6-14

I teach a Yin Yoga stretching class at The Ashram on Sunday afternoons and Wed evenings.  I look forward to these classes each and every week.  I am so honored to get to lead class.  Today was a lovely energy of 22 yogis in the large studio.  I turn the heat off but the floor remains quite warm throughout class.  I feel the heat permeate my mat and I always feel more pliable as a result.  I knew most of the students and it is always so cool to see their practice unfurl. The new students are also such a blessing – I get to share a little bit of my yoga enthusiasm and hope I ignite interest in the practice.  

During class it is all about their experience.  I learn to let my own worldly concerns vanish in hopes of giving something meaningful to the students. I have so much to learn from being an instructor.  I read once you need to show your vulnerabilities and speak your expertise.

Life is good.  Breathe.  Cultivate gratitude. 


Sunday Musings


My son set me up with my very own website. Not sure what I’ll do with it other than post Yoga pictures, but maybe I’ll get more savvy than that.  When I teach, I remind the students to let go of self-limiting thoughts….I do want to live by my own words.  So let’s just see what this morphs into. 

Love and Light!