Day 25 – a song you could listen to all day

Day 25 was actually yesterday, I simply didn’t have time to answer the question.  I have so many songs that I put on repeat….. Lately it is all about Earth, Wind, and Fire but I’m going with Bill Withers, Lovely Day.  When I’m feeling blue this song always lifts me back up.  I really need to listen to more of his stuff.

Doing this song exercise has been a lot of fun.  I wish I’d had more time to contemplate and research my choices.  I may revisit at some point.

Day 22 – A song that someone has sung to you

hmmmm. Stumped on this one.  I don’t think that anyone has in earnest done that. My best friend from high school and I used to sing a lot together, I guess in effect she has sung to me.  And the song that jumps to mind is Rush, Tom Sawyer.  She loved them more than I did, but they are still pretty excellent.


oh, actually I could also choose Endless Love, I used to sing that as a duet at Karaoke…so I’ll include as a bonus.


Day 20 of 25 songs – the last song alphabetically on your iPHONE

That would be Zen-Meditation by Gomer Edwin Evans.  I include a link to another one of his songs – I couldn’t find Zen-Meditation on youtube but this song is representative of his beautiful music. I think I will play him at Yin this afternoon, it is so pretty. One of the benefits of teaching yoga is that I can justify buying new songs for class and I love shopping for music.  That being said – if anyone has recommendations for really meditative music, do tell 🙂


Day 16 – a song that has made you cry

Wow, gotta love the Google. I queried “seventies song michelle dying” and voila,  there is my answer.  This song has always wrecked me.  I’m pretty sentimental and forever scarred by the death of my dad so long ago…..

What I didn’t know, is that Kurt Cobain did a cover of it.  (Gotta love youtube along with Google).  It is funny, it grates on me, even though I really liked him.  I’m just used to the other version, I know.

Enjoy.  Love to cyberspace!