Day 7 of August Instagram Challenge

SE Lake Union on a beautiful day – Seattle sure shines in the sun. We’ve had a most excellent summer, I feel most grateful.

Here are my choices for the day. I thank Susantha and Som for helping me out with the photography. I’m on a floating walkway, so it was a little more challenging to hold the postures than you might think. 🙂 What a fun challenge!





Day 4 Instagram Challenges

Well, I work at IDRI today so I just submitted my photos for the day straightaway. No time for geeking out 🙂

Here is what I chose:





Now it is time to get ready for class (yay!) and then head to IDRI.  Conference call today that I’m a little stressed about, hopefully class get me grounded so I don’t make an ass of myself…. Namaste!



Day 2 – IG challenge #shegotlegs

Hope you are happy as you read this. I think a song is in order first. I am feeling sort of mellow but need to ramp up and clean the house next. So something nice and upbeat – I think I’ll go with The Cure “Just Like Heaven”

It’s a weird day in Seattle – sporadic drenching rains followed by sunshine. It has happened several times today, most peculiar. In fact, thunder and lightning going on. The Blue Angels are in town for SeaFair – and I think one just flew overhead. The skies have been very noisy…..Electric baby.

Here is the post I have chosen for #shesgotlegs. We shot it just a few days ago in Seattle. Lake Union is so pretty.

one option
But the one I chose
The Challenge, Laid Out

Had a fantastic Yang class this morning led by Davin. He did a nice progression of tripods and side crows with eagle legs and straight legs. Very challenging, very fun. Before class Sebastien was kind enough to take some warm up shots and this is my favorite of the bunch. Thanks Sebastien!