Day 22 of #shesgotlegs IG Challenge

Good morning.  Here is the shot for the day – astravakasana – a definite favorite of mine.  Taken outside The Ashram, thank you Vanessa.



Have a beautiful Friday 🙂


Day 12 of August IG Challenge

Namaste!  Here’s today’s installment of #shesgotlegs challenge.

Spinal twists are so beneficial, warmed me up nicely on this weird weather day. Forecast predicts T-storms, very unusual for Seattle.  Feels like summer to this Minnesota native.  🙂

Getting a quick twist in at IDRI before facing my inbox
#shesgotlegs has some pretty funky choices!

Day 11 of August Instagram challenge


Here’s my shot of the day.  You may think it looks painful but it really felt awesome after Claudia’s Power Class this morning.  I was fully warmed up and getting supine felt fantastic.


Here is another pose I’m working on for later in the Challenge.  I hope I’ll be able to pull off a better one but this is deeper than I’ve gotten in this pose previously.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to balance on my  tailbone, but that is why the wall is my friend.  IMG_5446.JPG


Day 10 final pose of #backbendsgonewild

I thrashed all day wanting to get the “perfect shot” sans photographer. I was given free reign to do any backbend I wanted. Ohhhhh the wonderful agony of picking something. But the Basenjis don’t have opposable thumbs.

Luckily I found humans at The Ashram willing to help me out.  Here it is….drumroll 🙂

I’ve been dying to post, but just got home from a beautiful Yin Class. Damn I love teaching Yin……

Levitating Claudia.

and a few other shots that I considered…..

Timestamp of snap: 0:45.0
OOOOOO to touch my heels….
Timestamp of snap: 0:00.6
early morning attempt
Timestamp of snap: 0:11.8
Wearing my new BetaBrand Yoga Work pants
Urdva Dhanurasana
In the big studio at The Ashram
Wheel DropBack
one legged wheel
One-legged wheel variation

I’ve been getting a lot of comments on being a gumby. Yep, it is true.  But maybe I’m  actually a rubberband girl….I leave you with this…..



Day 10 of Instagram challenges

It is a beautiful day here in Bothell.  I’m finally taking some time to eat – I’ve been practicing yoga on my patio a whole lot this morning.  Changed the sheets, which I’m very grateful to have done.  Dishes next I guess.  At this rate I’ll never make it to Power at 3 p.m.


Active Viparita Karani

Really looking forward to teaching Yin at The Ashram at 4:30 p.m.  I hope that I can get someone to take my final shot for #backbendgonewild.  I really wish Harlan wasn’t working today, the Basenjis can’t really help me out here…

Practicing for #backbendsgoneiwild
Day 10 of #shesgotlegs. Ah it felt great.

Day 9 of August Instagram Challenges

Ok, I am really excited by my #backbendsgonewild choice of the day. I was hope hope hoping that I’d be able to touch my head with my toes. I was pretty close the other day when I wasn’t warmed up, I figured I stood a chance after class. Thank you Davin and Shannon for making this shot possible. You KNOW I needed you both for it.

#backbendsgonewild  – There is a final posture tomorrow for #backbendsgonewild.  He’s not telling us what it is and I am DYING of curiosity…..  I will be sad for this challenge to end, I have REALLLLLLLY enjoyed it

IMG_4846Timestamp of snap: 0:24.6

#shesgotlegs is really going to start getting difficult soon….. I am worried about Day 29 in particular, but we’ll see if I can pull it off in a creative fashion.

IMG_4779Timestamp of snap: 0:06.7

Editing today’s progress in The Challenges….
Keeping the faith…
and loving my new groovy pants from Liquidoactive. Jerry Garcia would approve, methinks.

Dreaming of a cure

I’m a microbiologist.  God damn I hate Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  I hate that one-third of the world is infected with it.  And it sure is scary to read about totally drug resistant tuberculosis cases.  Holy Hell.

I *do* however, believe in the power of prayer.

Listening to The Cure atm
Getting ready to submit a pose for #backbendsgonewild




Day 5 Instagram challenge

Here are my choices for my Instagram challenges.

#shesgotlegs20140805-082839-30519219.jpgI’m pretty darn happy with both but I wish I could try a dozen more times in a dozen locations.  Alas, I need to be a scientist now.