Day 11 of August Instagram challenge

#shesgotlegs Here’s my shot of the day.  You may think it looks painful but it really felt awesome after Claudia’s Power Class this morning.  I was fully warmed up and getting supine felt fantastic. Here is another pose I’m working on for later in the Challenge.  I hope I’ll be able to pull off aContinue reading “Day 11 of August Instagram challenge”

Day 10 final pose of #backbendsgonewild

I thrashed all day wanting to get the “perfect shot” sans photographer. I was given free reign to do any backbend I wanted. Ohhhhh the wonderful agony of picking something. But the Basenjis don’t have opposable thumbs. Luckily I found humans at The Ashram willing to help me out.  Here it is….drumroll 🙂 I’ve beenContinue reading “Day 10 final pose of #backbendsgonewild”

Day 10 of Instagram challenges

It is a beautiful day here in Bothell.  I’m finally taking some time to eat – I’ve been practicing yoga on my patio a whole lot this morning.  Changed the sheets, which I’m very grateful to have done.  Dishes next I guess.  At this rate I’ll never make it to Power at 3 p.m.  Continue reading “Day 10 of Instagram challenges”

Day 9 of August Instagram Challenges

Ok, I am really excited by my #backbendsgonewild choice of the day. I was hope hope hoping that I’d be able to touch my head with my toes. I was pretty close the other day when I wasn’t warmed up, I figured I stood a chance after class. Thank you Davin and Shannon for makingContinue reading “Day 9 of August Instagram Challenges”