A few fun ones from yesterday

I made the mistake of downloading these pictures before I wrote anything. For whatever reason I can’t get text before the pictures. I used to be able to do so. Another reason to hate WordPress. Anyhoo, dear reader, I hope that you are holding up in quarantine. The situation is so tragic and sad. ToContinue reading “A few fun ones from yesterday”

GoGo Boots cheer me up

These days are suck a clusterf* huh? Yoga – as always – is my happy place. Especially in GoGos. I would ordinarily be teaching my beloved classes at Vivify today, but we have been mandated – as all fitness businesses – to close until April 10. I love my classes and my family. I hopeContinue reading “GoGo Boots cheer me up”

OMI, my shower today…. Priceless

I taught the 9:30 and 11 a.m. classes this morning at Vivify.  How I love that studio. 🙂 Class night was so much fun and today was a continuation.  🙂  Sooooo cool to see people progress in their journey.  Wonderful to get to know the students. I actually don’t like to think of so manyContinue reading “OMI, my shower today…. Priceless”