Gotta love Friday!

I really enjoyed hanging out with the dogs in the yard this morning.  It was nice and mild – but it is gonna be a hot one again.  I actually enjoy the heat, as long as I can retreat into my A/C house and car.  Currently 72, but it is going to be in theContinue reading “Gotta love Friday!”

The making of yesterday’s IG #beSTRONGin2015 post

I used to be able to get into full locust pose unassisted but that is unaccessible to me at the moment.  So I enlisted the help of the awesome Davin to raise my legs for me (Thank you!).  Maybe I totally cheated, maybe I creatively solved the problem.  But I posted a short clip onContinue reading “The making of yesterday’s IG #beSTRONGin2015 post”

Headstand variations

Inversions are powerful.  They are one of the nicest things that you can do for yourself each day.  They take practice, are so gratifying to learn.  Be patient, never kick into a headstand.  I highly recommend a teacher to be at your side while you learn to do headstand, they are a risk to anyoneContinue reading “Headstand variations”