Crow pose/Bakasana. Love it. Quite an accessible pose with a little practice. Essential for learning more complex arm balances. A bread and butter pose for me. ********************************************* Bummed that it is back to science Monday.  I have done an amazing job of mentally checking out during break, am eager to give science my all forContinue reading “#beSTRONGin2015”

Photos from the Inversion Clinic Yesterday

I really enjoyed myself at The Ashram’s Inversion clinic. Krist, Rayne, and Davin broke it apart into segments of headstand, forearm balance, and handstand. I learned and re-learned a lot and really enjoyed their demonstrations. They are gifted yogis and wonderful people in general. Here are some pictures I took yesterday…..the first few aren’t inversions,Continue reading “Photos from the Inversion Clinic Yesterday”

Headstand variations

Inversions are powerful.  They are one of the nicest things that you can do for yourself each day.  They take practice, are so gratifying to learn.  Be patient, never kick into a headstand.  I highly recommend a teacher to be at your side while you learn to do headstand, they are a risk to anyoneContinue reading “Headstand variations”