I teach at Vivify Hot Yoga (Rio Rancho, NM)


I have taught at many studios in Seattle WA and New Mexico.  Vivify was the studio I fortuitously stumbled upon when I moved to NM 2ish years ago. The Viv family is so welcoming and BOW how I needed that when I first moved to a place knowing only 3 people.  I would have been miserable had I not.

I am honored to work at Vivify.  I love my OM’ies so very much.  It is so amazing to witness an excited yogi learn an asana that they never thought they’d be capable of.  That a powerful moment and it is the reason my I love teaching so very much.



My Current Schedule:

  • Fri nights, 5:30 pm “Hot/Vibe”
  • Sat Mornings, 9:30  “Hot/Vibe”
  • Saturday 12:30 p.m. Yin Yoga  (an unheated/low holds stretch intensive class)
  • Sunday 4 pm Yin Yoga




I'd love to hear what you think :)

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