Vivify Hot Yoga

I adore teaching at Vivify Hot Yoga/NM.  The studio itself is very warm and welcoming.  The Viv Yoga Family continues to grow and flourish.  We have a great group of instructors, each with our unique styles of practice, which is encouraged by my dear bosses (even if they don’t like being called that).  Multi-level classes – and a spectrum of class styles, from Yin to Yang.  Check out our schedule!  🙂

It fills my heart to get to meet new people at Viv and play a role in their yoga journeys.  I’ve made many dear friends. I love witnessing their transformations and simply getting to know them better.  When I moved to NM, I didn’t think that I could love a studio more than The Ashram. While I still have many fond thoughts  The Ashram, I am happier being part of a studio that is all about Variety.  Music – how I love to incorporate music into my classes and having the freedom to play pretty much whatever I feel is right for a given day.

My current schedule at Vivify is

  • Wed noon Yin Yoga (an unheated/low holds stretch intensive class)
  • Fri nights, 5:30 pm “Hot/Vibe”
  • Sat Mornings, 9:30  “Hot/Vibe”
  • Saturday 12:30 p.m. Yin Yoga
  • Sunday 4 pm Yin Yoga





IMG_2728 IMG_2791

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