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I have a Ph.D. in Microbiology . But I’ve elected to leave that world of stress behind.  Yet the scientist in me finds THIS link rather interesting

While I teach a variety of styles of yoga, my forte is Yin Yoga.  If you are interested in what Yin Yoga is about check out  Bernie Clark is one of the founders he is good stuff.


Me doing the Yin Straddle Stretch at IDRI. With practice this pose becomes addictive. 🙂

I was certified in a 200 hour program at The Ashram in Kirkland WA.  But my dream is to become a Jivamukti instructor someday 🙂 – i choose a picture of Karma and Romeo for Jivamukti – they are such proponents of the beauty and spirit of all animals

aIMG_0788Timestamp of snap: 0:11.8 – Venice Beach depicted below.  My best yoga vacations have been to Sedona and to LaLa land.  Love Exhale – especially the 40 hour course I took from Shiva Rea and a smattering of classes from Erich Schiffman. I have been really grooving on Erich Schiffmann of Exhale/Venice Beach A LOT of late  He is a classically trained instructor of Freedom Yoga – and is a student of the great yoga greats.  He keeps it very accessible.  I re-found him when I really needed him, post move to ABQ

lazy toes handstand hanuman



A friend just shared this inspiring video with me.  She is amazing.  This is truly stunning

Here is a nice little reminder about downward facing dog:

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