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Yoga comes in all flavors – there is certainly something for anyone irrespective of how long a person has been practicing and/or body-type and/or goals on the mat and through life.

I enjoy teaching students a cocktail of different styles and we have a lot of fun.  Ordinarily I teach group classes at Vivify Hot Yoga NM (although I teach Yin in addition to the more active/hot classes.  At the moment I am only teaching for Vivify online, due to the epidemic.  Hopefully I’ll go back to live studio teaching very soon!  I miss group energy.

I’m available to teach privates/semi-privates in a studio or home setting at this point as well.

A great resource for all things Yin is This is the work of Bernie Clark – a cornerstone of Yin Yoga.  He is the author of several books as well which I strongly recommend.  His book Your Spine Your Yoga is a must.  Consider it a valuable resource that I find better than most anatomy books.  It is not a read cover to cover!  The amount of information is staggering.

I am particularly drawn to the teachings of Erich Schiffmann.  He is an amazing and extremely knowledgeable teacher.  I bought his book back in 2012 and I refer to it all the time.  Last time I checked, he is on a sabbatical from teaching, but there are many recordings to choose from.  I highly recommend the book

These days I am listening to a lot of Yoga Podcasts – they are funny and extremely informative.      A great resource for learning the history and breadth of yoga.  J.’s Yoga Chat Podcast has an impressive list of chats!  He has interviewed yogis seminal to different styles of Yoga, discussing a wide range of topics as well as people in other related fields.  Check out his Podcast.  You won’t regret it.

I’m also impressed with the following Podcasts.

Yogaland / Andrea Ferretti

Yoga Hacks – Using Yoga to make your real life

Everyday Sublime/Josh Summers

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