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Man I *really* need to organize the billions of video clips I have accumulated. Plus there are a ton that I’d like to add.  I should sure figure out the whole YouTube Channel issue. 

In the interim, here is a little clip of a recent drop-back into wheel.  I’m pretty stoked that I can still pull this one off.  This isn’t a move I teach in class, unless 1:1 where I can spot the student.  There are a lot of great ways to work up to it, but this was just for fun in a lovely part after I taught an outdoor yoga class (which are so much fun!)

This little snippet is inspired from a homework assignment I had for PTA school. It’s just a part of it and it is dorky, but I can’t bear to delete it.  Ballistic stretch is a bad idea IMHO, I just happen to be blessed with the flexibility to pull it off. But I NEVER ask my students to perform ballistic stretches.  No way!



I sincerely hope that you enjoy these little yoga snippets.  I dream someday of making a slick little video, but this is where I am at this point in my journey 

OK, I am starting with my 5 seconds of glory – I got to be in a commercial for Betabrand 🙂

Here is an assisted variation of full locust pose, at the moment I can’t get my legs up high enough unassisted.  ðŸ™‚

Here is a little demo of tortoise:

Here is a wide-legged tripod pressup snippet.  It was taken for Day 8 IG #balancebasics challenge.  I rather like it


I like this video of headstand due to the Basenji photobomb.  They are so darn cute! 🙂

This one was shot on the 5th floor of IDRI’s building.  It was formerly occupied by Porch but currently unused and so I’ve claimed it as studio space for the time being.  I have grown quite fond of this space, even with the power cables that hang from the ceiling everywhere.  Thanks Susantha for being my dearest photographer 🙂

It was a lovely morning in the garden.  It’s been super hot lately, I wanted to get my stretch on before it got too hot.  Hope you like.  ðŸ™‚

Working on this one – full lotus swan into full formidable face.  A little shaky in parts, I see where I need to focus!!! 🙂

as a kid I could do an assisted cartwheel round off back handspring but I’m going with a splits ending these days.  ðŸ™‚

Playing with a few headstand variations.  Inverting your body each and every day is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself 🙂

I saw a gorgeous clip where the yogini at one point transitioned from camel to wheel and I wasn’t sure whether I could do it or not.  It turns out I can (but boy there is much to explore with this transition:

I tried the camel to wheel again, and it came out a lot worse this time.  Luckily, I’m pleased with rest of this clip.  I’m so grateful I can do what I can.  I hope you enjoy.

Not perfect but I’m getting a sequence together and having tons of fun:


Lotus/Swan snippet  – I hope you enjoy the nice squack I make coming into this pose.  Not exactly graceful but it cracks me up :

Wheel dropback/kickover.  Just a little snippet.  Next time I’ll actually go through the operational commands that work for me.

Dancer’s Pose.  This is my first attempt at a demo of one of my favorite poses ever, Natarajasana.  I am not exactly happy with this first take, I can go much deeper into it when I’m not talking.  But I’d love some feedback on what I said.  Useful?  Suggestions?


Crow Pose demo.   Bakasana.  Pose dedicated to the crow.  I’ve been seeing a lot of crows lately and I rather like them.  So intelligent and ballsy.  I’ve been freaked out twice by crows – finding myself alone amongst a LOT of them.  As in The Birds fear, lol.  Hopefully the crows will leave me alone if I keep practicing it 🙂

Demonstrating a wheel drop back

Theresa goes for 5 cartwheels in a row.  Might have been smarter on grass but no blood gets spilled.

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